Google Maps app inches closer to its release on Apple’s iOS

by: Bams SadewoNovember 16, 2012

We sure got a few chuckles out of the Apple Maps fiasco, but it’s clear that Cupertino didn’t take too lightly to being the laughingstock of the industry. After sending a heartfelt apology to customers, Tim Cook then showed Scott Forstall, the mastermind of iOS 6 and its Maps feature, the door out.

Ever since Google Maps was unceremoniously dumped from iOS, there were murmurs that the platform would be getting a standalone app of Google’s more powerful mapping application. Is it still coming?

A new report from The Wall Street Journal suggests that Google has already distributed a version of Google Maps for Apple’s iOS for testing. The insider that spoke to the paper explained that Google is trying to make sure that the native Maps app will be ready for prime time before submitting it to the iTunes store – though the exact timeline hasn’t been given.

Apple aficionados can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that help is definitely heading their direction, as it’s now only just a matter of when. If there’s still any doubt, Google did say that its goal is “to make Google Maps available to everyone who wants to use it, regardless of the device, browser, or operating system”.

  • le_lutin

    From an Android user’s perspective, I suppose it’s wishful thinking that Google would hold back on maps for iOS and leave it as an Android exclusive.

    Serves as a stark reminder that actually, google doesn’t really care that much about Android as a platform over iOS; it only cares about pushing it’s services in order to get ad clicks and it will use any platform necessary to do this. It doesn’t care if it’s Android, iOS, WP, whatever.

    But I suppose it’s about making money, which is news to no-one.

    • Jorge Ivan Sanchez Gonzalez

      Google likes give their best things. That’s no good.

    • On a Clear Day

      Actually, it is about being smarter than smart! Google makes its money from Ads; Android is a side line that due to the incredible market forces it tapped has and is taking the smartphone world by storm.

      People know that Apple’s map app is almost more likely to mislead you than get you where you wanna go.

      Google realizes that the more they can keep themselves front and center in peoples’ lives the more it will become self-evident that the wise choice is to turn their backs on Apple’s closed, controlled system and just say, “To hell with it; why don’t I just go to the source, rather than have to jury rig my iPhone with workarounds because Apple has me locked in?

      And even if they stay with Apple, Google is still selling advertising! No matter what it is a win/win for Google and a spit in the eye of Apple.