Google Maps for Android update rolling out, brings new design and features [Update]

by: Chris SmithJuly 10, 2013

Google Maps for Android

Google is rolling out the Google Maps update for Android devices, one of the Google services that was given a new look, but also new features, and which was demoed at this year’s Google I/O edition.

The company overhauled both its desktop and mobile versions of Google Maps, and now the mobile experience will be available to users that have a device running Android 4.0.3 or later.

In addition to a new design for Android handsets and tablets, the update will bring you “enhanced navigation including live traffic updates, incident reports and dynamic rerouting” and improve the way you explore local “places to eat, drink, shop, play and sleep.” The screenshots below will give you a quick taste of what Google Maps will feel like on your tablet and/or smartphone once you get the new update:

As Android Police explains, the update may not be available to download on all devices just yet, but the publications offers links to software-specific APKs.

In the Google Play Store, Google says that the update will be “gradually rolling out to Android 4.0.3+ users over the next few weeks,” so in case you didn’t manually install the APK suitable for your device, you’ll may have to wait a while to get it.

[Update:] the app’s offline maps mode appears to be gone, but it’s cleverly hidden. It can be activated by using a simple easter egg features that come with the new app update. Here’s how to do it!

  • Anyone else notice the super-fast GPS lock that comes with this update?!

  • Fantastico

    Strange… it looks like the iOS version… :-/

    • kascollet

      It’s not “strange”. iOS version got the modern UI months ago, that’s all.
      It was logical for Google to begin with this UI on the then new App for iOS.

  • darkflea

    Its the crappy IOS version!!! You can’t search for a location and then map it! You have to search for it with the intention of mapping it! POS!

  • TJG

    my maps app won’t open properly after the update… anyone else experiencing this craziness? also my locals app won’t open either so I’ve no maps anymore as of now :(

  • rreno

    It’s missing Explore page, Scale Bar, Zoom Button, and I cannot specify how accurate the location is.

  • ayub407

    I still didn’t get the update for my phone but my friend who also have the same phone got it. :(
    What could be the reason ???

  • Frayed Knot

    The terrain layer is now gone, no topography available. Google apparently thinks the world is flat. This sucks, i used it a lot. I don’t understand the reasoning of taking an excellent mapping app and turning into junk