New spec details surface regarding the rumored Google and LG-made smartwatch

by: Andrew GrushMarch 13, 2014


Last month a rumor surfaced claiming that LG and Google were teaming up to release a smartwatch, with plans to debut the device at Google I/O in June. Up until now, we’ve known very little about the watch other than we can speculate it will utilize the upcoming Android wearable SDK and that it will feature Google Now functionality. Thanks to a new tweet from @evleaks, we’re finally getting a better look at what the watch will offer underneath the hood.

In the tweet, we learn that the watch will have a 1.65-inch IPS LCD with a 280×280 resolution. Other specs include 512MB RAM and 4GB storage. No word on the processor just yet. To give you a better idea of how the watch’s hardware might stand against the competition, let’s briefly take a look at what the Samsung Gear 2 brings to the table.

Samsung’s latest smartwatch features a 1.63-inch Super AMOLED display with a 320×320 resolution, a 1GHz dual core GPU, a 2MP camera, 512MB RAM and 4GB storage. At least based on the limited specs we know about the Nexus smartwatch, it looks like the device’s specs are fairly similar, with the Gear 2 having the advantage of a slightly higher-resolution display.

Of course, hardware means a lot less with smartwatches than it does with smartphones and tablets. Instead, it comes down to software optimization and features, device capability, and the level of apps that work with the platform. For example, the OG Galaxy Gear was a beast compared to devices like Pebble, but its weak app library and limited device support led to a relatively mild reception.

What do you think Google and LG need to do differently if their smartwatch is going to make a bigger impact than currently existing wearables from Samsung, Sony, Pebble and countless other brands? Do you like the idea of a Google smartwatch or not?

  • Luke Kallam

    If it has Google Now, and it’s a reasonable price (I’d be surprised if it wasn’t) then I’ll end up getting it most likely

    • Flip Jumpman

      Google Now on a watch would be awesome.
      I agree! “Nexus Google Now Watch”…

      • Luke2644

        Definitely looking forward to it!
        I guess they’ll drop the “Nexus” name though…

  • I bet we’re going to see this at Google I/O 2014 at the end of June :)

    • MasterMuffin

      With Nexus 10 please!

  • Jusephe

    I would rather get 16 GB with 128 MB of RAM (4 times less RAM 4 times more memory) to take some of my music collection with me… What is so demanding on a smart watch OS that they are stuffing as much RAM as into an flagship phone of 2011 (iPhone 4S) ???

    Oh I forgot kit-kat requires at least 512 MB to run somehow… Android not a great smartwatch OS.

    • Evan Wickes

      do u really want to listen to music thru ur watch?? wouldnt u rather use ur phone?? i wouldnt expect half decent acoustic processing on a watch.

      • Jeffrey Heesch

        If I’m going running and want to listen to my music while doing so without needing to carry my phone along with me, it would be nice to have some music to take along with me.

    • CyBrix_21

      I think it is not meant to stand alone. I think it is meant to be an accessory for phones and tablets. It is meant for assistance.

      I don’t know how you will listen to that watch? Well, I think it has bluetooth, so nevermind.

      Ah, one more thing, it is really hard listening to music using a phone or watch with 128 MB RAM. It lags a lot. I have a phone with that amount of RAM and I really have a hard time using it for music. Considering that phone is running on Android.

    • K

      It has 512mb RAM…enough for kitkat.

  • Jack Parker

    That says dual core GPU isn’t it meant to be CPU?:)

  • Jack Parker

    Also, if the watch looks like that. Sold.

  • Ibibio

    please be 3 inch 16:9 ratio 360p screen

    • K

      Even better…why dont you strap a 3 inch phone to your wrist?

    • Exare

      Pip-Boy lol

  • DarxideGarrison

    Can’t wait til this summer to see what Google brings. Just got my Chromecasts, and Nexus wireless chargers today. I love Android!

  • Jeffrey Heesch

    How about compatibility? Samsung Gear Fit may look nice and all, but I’m sure as hell not buying that thing if it’s just going to lock me down to Samsung phones.

  • Mohammed Taher

    only if it looks like the image above ill buy lol

  • Paul K Deuster

    If the watch is not going to last at least four to five days I won’t be interested.

  • IronLiver

    wish smart watches could look like the traditional watch then that would be something to look forward to.

  • Kishore Bellam

    I would expect good battery with minimum required functions. Smart watch should support 3g and vedio calling and Email exchange services along with regular basic functions.

  • MY

    I want this like yesterday ;-)

  • K

    Too straight, the display should have been slightly curved….slightly.

    I prefer the gear

    • Luke

      I like the gear as well, but really don’t want to be locked down to Samsung devices.

      • K

        If a samsung phone is on your mind, then it isnt a problem :)

        Making gear exclusive to samsung phones…also boosts their appeal.

        • Luke

          Maybe so, but I’ve been hooked on the nexus devices for a bit. And now I’m really liking the lg g3. Oh well.

      • K

        the appeal of samsung phones.

  • bambangde

    If it comes with a steel band, me likey.

  • TidFe

    Ooooh… Google Now on a Google SmartWatch, :3