January 28, 2014


Today Google announced its latest Chrome Experiment, “Build with Chrome”, which allows you to create LEGO structures directly from your browser. Similar to the Hobbit Chrome Experimentthe company’s latest collaboration is more than just a clever way to show off the power of Chrome and WebGL, it’s also a movie-tie in.

Originally built by a Google team in Australia way back in 2012, the project is now being opened up to everyone. In order to make the experience even better, Google is adding a few new features including the ability to share your creations with Google+ users in your circles.

Although the experiment is geared towards LEGO fans, keep in mind that the selection of Lego bricks is rather limited and that much of the challenge involved with physical LEGOs aren’t present here. For example, there’s no need to properly layer bricks to ensure structural integrity. Still, this is a fun little experiment and there are more than enough pieces and colors for casual builders to design some unique virtual creations.

Once your masterpiece is finished, you can also publish it on a world map, using your actual location for its placement.

To check out the experiment, you’ll need to launch either the Android or PC/Mac Chrome browser. From there, you’ll want to head to the official Build with Chrome website.

Andrew Grush
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