Google’s Larry Page praises Motorola’s upcoming products

by: Andrew GrushApril 18, 2013

Larry Page

In the last few days Motorola has spoken up a little about their design philosophy for their next-gen phones, and Google’s Eric Schmidt has even publicly praised what Motorola is working on, calling it “phenomenal”. Now Larry Page is weighing in as well, throwing more praise Motorola’s way.

At Google’s earnings call for Q1 2013, CEO Larry Page revealed he had just seen some of Motorola’s upcoming products for the first time, and was “pretty enthusiastic” about what the company is preparing. While Page didn’t go into specifics about Motorola’s newest devices, he did drop a few possible hints.

“Think about your device. Battery life is a challenge for most people. You shouldn’t need to carry around a charger to make it through the day. If your kid spills their drink on your tablet, the screen shouldn’t die. And when you drop your phone, it shouldn’t shatter.”

“Having just seen Motorola’s upcoming products myself, I’m real excited about the potential there. In just under a year, they have accomplished a lot, and have impressive velocity and execution.”

Looking at Page’s statements, it seems likely that whatever Motorola is working on, battery life and durability will be key. Considering Motorola already pushes the battery life envelope with its RAZR MAXX line, this doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch. Of course we can’t say for sure whether or not Page is talking about several phones or the Motorola X Phone specifically.

Bottom-line, whatever we see from Motorola we can expect it to be a notch above anything they’ve delivered up until now. Hopefully we only have to wait until Google I/O to learn more about what Motorola is bringing to the table.

  • “…And when you drop your phone, it shouldn’t shatter.” I kind of found this one funny considering the back glass on the Nexus 4. I’m not trying to be mean in any way, just sayin’ i loled :D

    • Ivan Yglesia

      LG makes Nexus 4

      • Do u thing Google told them to make a phone without any input. Not sure about you but even the stupidest people don’t run their company that way.

      • Keandre Espina

        Google told LG what to do.

    • Keandre Espina

      The Nexus 4 is still a great phone though. They just overestimated the strength of Gorilla Glass.

      • It is an awesome phone. Still probably the best one out there considering that the phone doesn’t lose a ton of processing power to generate 1080P resolution on a screen. But there is more then one fault on it. Blocking out the speaker grill is a major one but i guess they got that one sorted now.

  • William MATAR

    My nexus 4 is already extremely tough and not any scratch on it.. i wonder @twitter-331659227:disqus what do u mean??

    • Vijay

      My nexus 4 got 2 scratches on screen within a month of normal usage. back glass (not even gorilla) is tough.. thats cool… may be in ur device they forgot to attach that glass.

    • Keandre Espina

      Some people are unlucky enough to drop their phone at the angle where Gorilla Glass is weakest or drop it into something sharp which should break the Glass. Besides, I don’t think I would mind a cracked back (as long as pieces don’t fall off yet) I think it looks pretty cool.

    • Luka Mlinar

      The back glass is not Gorilla Glass. Also like 1206549 posted this phone just doesn’t like to be dropped at certain angles.

  • Viktor E. Boss

    Motorola doesn’t upgrade os’s regularly enough so never buying their phone again unless it’s a Nexus Google upgrades

    • Naga Appani

      That was their past, they got a good record after Google’s acquisition…

    • Keandre Espina

      I’m pretty sure that that wouldn’t be the case anymore because Google now owns the company.

  • Thank you very much my friend…