Google’s Larry Page: Improving Nexus 4 supply is top priority

by: Bams SadewoJanuary 23, 2013


The scarcity of the latest flagship Nexus smartphone has given way to some bizarre reports from popping up, most of which have since been debunked. While we may never get the full account of the story behind the Nexus 4 shortages, it looks like Google is done pointing its fingers.

During Google’s quarterly earnings call, the company’s CEO Larry Page acknowledged that there’s a huge backlog of the Nexus 4. He said that there is “work to be done managing our supply better” and that solving the phone shortage problem will be “priority for the teams”.

Combined this with LG’s assurance that it’ll be pumping out more N4 handsets starting in February, we can but hope that customers will be able to buy and get the phone soon without the shipment delay drama — among other annoyances — that’s been plaguing its release.

For all its logistical flaws, the Nexus 4 is still the Android phone to get for many. Are you still looking to grab one as soon as possible? Or have you been turned off by the supply fiasco and are now eyeing on something else instead?

  • me

    i bought an s3 :)

  • Unless they become available pretty soon it’s gonna be a Note 2 for me. Finding it hard to decide but availability could be the clincher.

  • and not just n4. nexus 10 has been out of stock of the local playstore a few days after launch!!! definitely not LG is the reason for this issues. fans have to source N10 through grey imports which has no local Google warranty. and even then, those grey import stock are erratic.

  • yes456

    i will wait till 15th Feb 2013 ;)

    • Ray

      and then what? You’re going to opt for a HTC device…lol

      C’mon dude, you know you’re going to wait more than that.

  • Tarek Assaf

    Google should make Nexus products availability worldwide not for just few markets…

  • 750,000 + sold for the Nexus 4

    Google will have more to sell very soon.

    from poking the serial #, the result is as followed (see the [INFO] LG Nexus 4 Production Date and Place Identification thread on XDA-Developers forum)

    October: 70,000 devices produced
    November: 90,000
    Dec: 210,000
    January: ?

    there is a good chance that January production number might be around 550,000. LG wasn’t kidding when they said they have ramped up production.

    752,000 (now) – 70,000 – 90,000 – 210,000 = 382,000 so far in January. And the month has about 10 more days to go.

    • Too meet global demand for the Nexus 4, shipping a few hundred thousand is not enough, the figure needs to be in the millions a month.

      Samsung are shipping nearly 20 million every quarter, the N4 won’t sell that many due to no LTE and it being ‘sold’ in few markets, but given its low price and high specs and latest software updates, a figure of 3 to 5 million a quarter isn’t hard to believe.

  • master94

    Its a real easy problem to solve. Make Larry Page and whoever is LG’s CEO wait online with the rest of us for a shot to grab the latest Nexus and when he comes up empty and frustrated, things will change in a matter of seconds.

  • Ray

    I’m glad I bought my Nexus 4. I was the happiest geek on my block on the day it arrived(Dec. 10th). I didn’t immediately open the box when I received it, I was so excited. I gave myself a moment to calm myself down and then I opened the box. lol

    Even my brother, an iDevice fan, was excited to see one. He loved it. He finally admitted that the Nexus 4 is “more usable” than the current iDevice.

    It’s worth the wait. Trust me people.

  • Jack Lee

    Missing some Silver are we?

  • I guess it sounds like this shortage is a bad thing but really, isn’t it every business’ dream to have an item so popular that they can’t meet demand? I was one of the lucky few who managed to get a N4 on the day it was released. It’s a phenomenal phone – the best I’ve had – and combined with the ultra-competitive pricing it is simply the best deal out there.

  • I am still interested in getting one because it is the best phone for the price out there. Especially that they outlawed unlocking your own phone. Luckily, I am not in a hurry to get one. My Verizon contract ends in April anyway. I’m hoping to grab one before end of March.