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Google Keyboard gets a new update, brings personalized suggestions

Google Keyboard gets a new update, brings personalized suggestions

by Andrew GrushMarch 19, 2014


It looks like Google Search isn’t the only Google app receiving an update this Wednesday. Google Keyboard has also a new update in store for us that brings a few bug fixes, a new settings icon when long-pressing the mic button and personalized suggestions.

Personalized Suggestions is without a doubt the most important change here. These new suggestions use data from other Google apps and services to improve the keyboard’s suggestions. In other words, it gauges the way you type throughout all your Google apps to provide the most accurate recommendations possible.

Although apps like SwiftKey already can learn your writing style by using Facebook, Gmail and other sources — it’s nice to see Google bring this functionality to the default keyboard. Don’t like the idea of Google collecting this data? Rest assured that everything is stored locally, and there is a way to disable the feature.

Keep in mind that, in usual Google fashion, the update is rolling out in stages and so it may not be available for your device just yet. To check for the update, you’ll want to head over to Google Play.

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