Google Keep web app gets new design and features

by: Shawn IngramDecember 11, 2013

Google Keep web

A new update to the web version of Google Keep brings some new features to the service and makes it look more like the Android app.

The new Google Keep for the web looks just like Google Keep for Android now, complete with full color notes and text that scales to fit notes in the interface. The web app even supports the custom font Google uses for the Keep service.

Google Keep, for those who aren’t up on every single Google service, is the company’s note-taking and to-do list service. Keep is similar to services like Evernote, letting users store short notes, photos, or lists. It’s a helpful service for the forgetful, or those who simply want to have one place on the web and their phone to store quick notes and to-do lists.

With the new web version of Keep users can also rearrange items in their lists, which should help keep users a bit more organized. The improved search should also help users stay organized and make finding older notes a bit easier. Finally, the new navigation drawer makes it easy to switch between active and archived notes. The drawer also gives users the option to set up a custom view of all their notes that contain reminders.

Do you use Google Keep? Will these changes to the web version convince you to use it?

  • Arturo Raygoza

    I don’t use it and see no reason to honestly

  • AndroidBrian

    Why the hell are they even spending time on a desktop version!?

  • Kristoffer_Feber

    They need the swipe to delete in the app, badly.

  • Data

    I love this app! It’s great for typing long comments from a phone. It’s also much for faster and smoother than EverNote.

  • NWSD

    As far as I can tell there is no recurring option in the reminders….. right? With out this I won’t use it much.

  • Reginald Spence II

    The sync features and the ability to edit from desktop or phone is what make it so valuable, along with its simplicity. I love being somewhere and taking little snippets of info on my phone and then once I get to a computer, I can edit it out how I want it using an actual keyboard. It’s golden! I’m sure Evernote does this and more, I just like the Google integration.

  • Roi

    Share notes between accounts please!

  • Dan Barnhart

    I freaking love Keep! Good job Google!

    • Mark Brough

      I freaking love Google Notes! Good job Google!

      Oh. They’ve killed it.