Google I/O keynote coverage roundup

May 15, 2013

    google io 2013

    If you find it a bit hard to keep track of all the updates, new products, statistics, features and overall awesomeness that Google poured on us at Google I/O, here’s a place to get everything in bite sized chunks.

    Thanks for tuning in!


    • Luka Mlinar

      What a glorious disappointment this was. DAMN!

    • stucrmnx120fshwf

      Really, no new nexus, no use of UD capable chips on 1080p screens, just a Sammy GS4 Google edition, true that fills most of the boxes, but at $700. Look I know GS4 has sold 6 million in 3 weeks, but there are 900 million android devices, we need a cheap bulldozer like N7, N4, to drive 1080p screens and UD capable graphics into the market. Where’s the RAM upgrade in 5,6,7,8″ devices, the 3GB LPDDR3.

    • Santeri Liukkonen

      It was a good keynote! I’m still very interested about when we will hear about the next bigger Android OS update… ( 4.3 JB or 5.0 KLP )

    • crane476

      Come on, where’s Android 4.3 at?!

    • Jay Decks

      Google really let us down. Very disappointing.

    • asakura

      this is a developers conferences not a press release of a nexus line! GET OVER IT people

      i remark DEVELOPERS conferece.

      • gadgetfreaksta

        Still was underwhelming for a DEVELOPERS conference

        • asakura

          yeah but still people love to shove in the lack of gadgets announcements on the keynote.

          the mayor letdown was the Maps part, too damn long and boring they could do a better presentation.

    • guest

      wait is this only day one?

    • JIMMY


    • Juan De La Rosa

      Day 1 of Google I/o, and with the new nexus devices not being shown means that Google didn’t pull an Apple and make your nexus 4 outdated 6 months from launch.

    • Jaun Lombard

      Samsung is the only manufacturer on display…shame to all the haters