Google I/O registration open, did you get yours?

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 13, 2013

google io registration

Attending Google I/O is a dream for many a geek. The event is known as the place where Google unveils its latest toys, shows off amazing new devices, and lays bare its plans for the following year.

Add to that the goodies that Google is known to stuff in the bags of the attendants. Basically, the smartphone, tablet, and Chromebook that Google will probably give away to participants cost much more than the $900 that the ticket costs.

It’s no wonder that people line up (virtually) to register for Google I/O, with tickets selling out in minutes. We’re sure that this year won’t be an exception, so if you are interesting in going to the celebration of all things Google, you better head over to the registration page now.

This year, we expect to see the fabled Motorola X Phone, Android 5 Key Lime Pie, and maybe a commercial version of Google Glass. Exciting stuff!

Who’s attending Google I/O here? Did you get your ticket?

Update: Here’s what many people are seeing:

screenshot google io

  • Brian Woods

    { – . – } Waiting…

  • MtnBikeRacer

    It is very odd that Google makes you keep trying to register every 5 minutes — and then says “try again”. Don’t they know how to retry on a time out? I’m assuming at 7:49am they are sold out after 8 successive attempts — why don’t they tell you the real availability status?

  • Andrew Love

    Now it says sold out. Worst registration process ever. I secured a ticket three times only to have google wallet fail and the ticket time out. You would think those running a development conference for a computing giant like Google would be able to figure out how to handle the traffic, but every year they still can’t figure it out.

    • ian mcfarland

      Me too what a crock

  • Joshua Vannoster

    Where does IO take place?

    • Andrew Love

      Josh, there is this cool new tool that google created. it’s called google search. if you search on “Where does google io take place” you’ll get much faster answers than you will posting in a comment section”

      • robert

        and it would’ve been even quicker if you just answered the question

  • MtnBikeRacer

    This seems like a pretty simple question for a Google interview for a new college grad.

    “If you have a conference with 5500 slots, and need to take payments from a credit card processing service (say Google wallet) that will have a queue of say 50,000 people ready a 7am, and you have a goal to assign these 5500 seats and take payment, how many machine instances do you need?”

    Really Google guys, it shouldn’t be that hard. Why does it take 50 minutes to assign these seats with multiple timeouts?

    • Andrew Love

      Agreed.. Google should be embarrassed.

  • dude2k5

    See you guys there ^_^

  • Gunnar Forsgren

    I was hoping a 100 Mbit/s connection would have me safe and secure but no ticket although I hit the button 3 seconds after the shop opened and until the sold out message. Rumors said those who shopped by mobile phone had better luck but I don´t know.