Google has invested $75M in a wind farm, over $1 billion in renewable energy

by: Joe HindyNovember 19, 2012

wind farm
Google seems to have a hand in everything these days. Be it new technology in clothing accessories or their own wireless network, Google is everywhere. In Iowa, there is a much bigger Google presence as Google has invested $75 million in a local wind farm.

The investment went to a 50MW wind farm north of Des Moines, Iowa. It is known as the Rippey Project and it’s run by RPM Access. This is a pretty big move for Google, who has invested nearly a billion dollars in renewable energy already.

According to Google’s Official Blog, the project is to provide power to 15,000 Iowa homes. They’ll be selling the energy provided to the Central Iowa Power Cooperative, and then on to local customers. The wind farm itself is powered with turbines made by Nordex USA.

This is a really cool move by Google. Not only is investing in clean energy important, but Google is also investing in a number of companies with this project. The wind farm itself, the turbine makers, and even the energy company to an extent. All in the name of renewable energy.

Wait a second, why is Google investing in a wind farm in Iowa?

As The Next Web points out, Google has business in Iowa. They built a data center there a few years ago. They plan on building a second one there in the near future. As The Next Web explains, Google has poured quite a bit of funding into the area over the last few years.

In short, the wind farm is just the latest in a long line of improvements Google has helped fund in Iowa. However, it is definitely an important one, as this is a project that will be sustained for years to come. Is it a smart move for Google to be investing in renewable energy? More importantly, should more companies be investing in it? Let us know your standpoint in the comments.

  • arpoc

    Excellent news, this makes me like Google even more than I already did. This is definitely a company with a mission to have a positive impact on the world. I was previously impressed when they purchased Motorola and almost immediately began unlocking bootloaders to many of their handsets so developers could improve then, at no profit to either Google or Motorola. This makes me wonder if there should be legislation requiring companies of a certain size in the U.S. to produce at least enough renewable energy for their facilities, then this won’t be coming so much out of our taxes, but out of our profitable industries. Not only would it create more jobs, it would make us more sustainable, everybody wins.

    • JosephHindy

      That sir, would be expensive, but awesome if implemented as many things like these wind farms can power much more than just their facilities. They could provide power (as perhaps a reasonable fee?) to nearby residential areas and take the pressure off of big power companies.

      Ah, but these are likely just daydreams. There is a lot of logistic stuff I won’t pretend to know about when it comes to providing residents with power. But one thing is for sure, I loved writing this piece :) and it’s great to see Google continuously giving back to the community like this.