December 10, 2010
Google Instant for the world on mobile

Google Instant for the world on mobile

Google have recently revealed that their popular desktop search modification called Google Instant has now found its way to Android devices world wide. Google Instant is a new feature by Google that returns the results of your searches as your type. The general idea is that you do not have to type the whole thing in order to find what you are looking for and the whole search experience is quicker.

This feature is now available for Android devices worldwide, but you will have to enable it first. In order to do so you should browse to on your mobile Android device, and make sure you have not accidentally taken yourself to a page already containing search results (like I did). Once you are at the main Google home-page, you should see a little phrase under the search box saying ‘Google Instant (beta): Off’. You should be able to click this to turn it on. Once you do so, you can start typing in a search query and the results will load up, as promised. If you have a fast 3G connection, or better yet, Wi-Fi, Google Instant works very well, although this feature certainly works best on devices with bigger screens. If you want to find out more about Google Instant for Android, check out the source.

[Source: Google]

James Tromans
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