Google includes iPhone and Android App results in mobile search

by: James TromansJune 3, 2010
Google Mobile Search

Google Mobile Search

Google Search for mobile now includes mobile app results. Neat huh? In an official post over at the Google Mobile Blog, it has been revealed that when searching from your mobile device, Google will now also provide a a small section at the top of the results that might read, “Android app results for ‘Download Shazam'”.

The only downside to this announcement is, at the time of writing, not that many applications are properly indexed. Sure, for the big boys such as Pandora and Shazam, it’s all good. But even if you type in ‘download Dropbox’, it might not appear. We’re sure this will change and it is likely to change quick. Indeed, once this is up and functioning at full capacity, we believe it will make a great addition to your Android application search.

  • appdev34953

    The question is how well are the reviews if they’re coming from Google? I rather use a neutral site like RawApps