There are many people who will never forget the days leading up to the public release of Google+. Many of us had already gotten private beta invites and countless more were trolling forums to find them. Before Google+ was even released, it had tens of thousands of users who were already sharing posts. Even Tom from Myspace was relevant again. It was a merry old time.

It has now been a full year since Google+ was released. There were times when many people thought it was a dead platform. As with any new item, there was the occasional hiccup of inactivity from time to time. In reality, Google+ continued to grow stronger everyday. Now, Vic Gundotra has revealed that Google+ has hit 400 million registered users and currently has 100 million active users via the website and the mobile app.

As Gundotra remarks, “It was only a year ago that we opened public sign-up, and we couldn’t have imagined that so many people would join in just 12 months. While Google+ is all about creating a better experience across Google, it’s also a destination.” He has every right to be excited, 400 million is a huge number.

Is it safe to compare Google+ to Facebook yet?

Not just yet. Facebook has reported that they’re about to hit the 950 million mark. In case you are just dreadful with numbers, 950 million is much higher than 400 million. However, there is one area that you can compare Google+ and Facebook in and that is speed of growth. It reportedly took Faceboook 4 years to accumulate 100 million active users. Google+ did this in just one year. So if you’re rooting for Team Google, you do have something to brag about.

Google+ has undergone a lot of changes since its first release. From UI overhauls to feature improvements and it continues to improve and expand. We at Android Authority still use our Google+ accounts, do you?

Joe Hindy
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  • I dont use G+ as much as I should. It IS a breath of fresh air away from facebook. None of my real life friends are on G+ so I dont get to see all the pictures of “What I had for supper” or “I’m sad” updates that mean I have to block idiots/people I wish I didn’t know.
    G+ seems to be a bit more grown up. I really should start to move away from Facebook and into G+ but just like exercise and dieting, I’m too damned lazy.

    one day…. one day!

    • Kassim

      Never before have I seen my own views about something expressed for me anywhere with all the same emotion as I would put in it myself…and damn near word for word too!!

      *weeps silently*

  • Andrew Mezzi

    I like G+ a lot more than Facebook, but I don’t use it because nobody I know is active on it. People just aren’t willing to make the switch from Facebook, where they’ve spent years building up their profile. I wish G+ would succeed, but I don’t see it happening.

  • alien_x

    I closed my FB account since 4 months and now I am thinking what took me so long to leave that fucking shit. I am in peace now and enjoying quality content on G+ not some fucking garbage of FB.

  • Circles were such a great idea. I can seamless filter the necessary but useless posts of cats from people I know. I can switch back and forth like you switch from email folders.

    And I follow even Android developers and can post on amazing discussions, something I could never do (at least in a non cumbersome way).

    If Facebook is the email of yesterday, G+ is Gmail. I can actually reduce my mental noise filter for (social) spam and get to what I care.