Google has no plans to support either Windows 8 or Windows Phone

by: ŠtefanDecember 13, 2012

Anyone remember the late 90s and early 00s, when Apple was just starting to get their groove back, but PC users made fun of the company because all the cool and interesting apps were on Windows? The same thing is happening today, but with Microsoft.

Windows 8 is confusing everyone, Windows Phone sales are negligible, and all that makes developers question why they should bother supporting Microsoft’s platforms when it’s clear that Android and iOS are the future.

Clay Bavor (pictured above), the Director of Product Management for Google’s Apps, recently gave an interview to the UK site V3. When he was asked about making the company’s apps available on Windows, he said:

“We have no plans to build out Windows apps. We are very careful about where we invest and will go where the users are but they are not on Windows Phone or Windows 8. If that changes, we would invest there, of course.”

That’s the most brutal statement Google can make because it sends a signal to the entire industry that Microsoft’s operating systems are worthless. You have to remember, Google is a services company. It’s in their interest to make sure their services are accessible on every platform under the sun. For them to shun Windows Phone, and more importantly Windows 8, is tantamount to the kiss of death.

Can Microsoft turn things around? Of course they can. They’re a company that doesn’t give up. The first XBOX was such a terrible product, but the second generation, the XBOX 360, is widely heralded as being one of the best consoles to ever come out. Windows Vista was complete garbage, but then Windows 7 proved that Microsoft knew how to make a good desktop OS. Sure, Windows 8 may be a bit rough around the edges, and Windows Phone 8 might be a little incomplete, but there’s always the future to look forward to.

And who knows what Android 5.0 or 6.0 will be like by then!

  • th3d

    “Windows Vista was complete garbage, but then Windows 7 proved that Microsoft knew how to make a good desktop OS”

    really? Im a windows programmer, worked mostly on corporate server services but i know desktop windows very well (privately im a Debian Linux user though, no MS for my personal use).

    What i wanted to say is that Miccrosoft was laughing their big A off coz of people who hated Vista but loved Win7. Its the same crap, i cant believe ppl are that easily fooled. I remember well when Win7 came out, the hype had even me exited, i even mentioned a few times that i would consider dualboot with win7 on my main rig.

    And then i find Vista with a new name. What happened that time is easy to explain, ppl hated vista but were dependent on windows, microsoft made subtle changes and pretended Vista was gone, and in the meantime PCs had improved and was better suited to run Vista adn Win7. People was so tired of complaining over vista that our collective mentality had to find somthing positive, so Win7 was loved almost for the same reason Vista was hated. People were tired of hating, because they had no choice but to use Windows adn then they wanted to be happy, but we who were not dependent on windows that time could easily see that it was no better. I can safely say i dislike Win7 as much as i disliked Vista.

    • Dimitris Zafiris

      I am not a professional in computing but from first hand experience, and from a pc that run both vista and 7 (and now 8) before Microsoft released SP1 for vista they indeed were crappy and unstable and low. After SP1 however the OS kernel, I hear, was improved and has changed little up until windows 7. SP1 for vista gives them a great boost in speed and stability but still vista is not windows 7. I know it might -from some angles- look the same but it is evident that Microsoft listened to the demands of the users and fixes many of vistas’ wrongs in 7.

      Windows 8 now, seem to follow the same route. Many things that tire or annoyed people in 7 are gone and some new features were added and let’s not forget that Microsoft IS leading the OS game. That means that the lack of a start button or other new ‘nuisances’ according to some will in time become a standard.

      As much as I want to hate Microsoft (especially with this new locked bootloader thing) I cannot help but admit that they do lead the game and did a good job over the last few years.

      Oh, and to answer the article’s title, google is not saying that they will not support windows 8 only that google apps will not be made into windows apps. That does not mean lack of support. Still we will see in the future.

  • I rarely boot into my linux mint cos I can do all I need on my Windows 7

    • Win7 Still the best OS for me.

  • Wibbly

    I do struggle to recall what apps they have than run on any native desktop OS. Just some syncing stuff isn’t it (email migration and Drive)? Anything else runs as apps under Chrome, right?They do have wider coverage on mobile though – well Android and IOS, Blackberry seems to have gone. Is Chrome supported on Win 8, in which case that’s the most important of Google’s ‘Apps’ and that already is! Not sure Clay is really saying much…

    • Alex

      GTalk, Picasa, Drive, Earth, Chrome and Update. Probably more, but just to be fair I avoided to search and just write the ones that come to my mind (and I have on my PC).

      • Blattlaus

        Can’t all these be used in the Win 8 “Desktop”? So the only devices you won’t be able to use them on is Win RT devices.

    • I guess he was trying to said that, Google will not make something like native Google Maps (like in iOS / Android) for WP8 or Metro W8 / RT. Well that’s the only apps which comes to mind.

  • No need to to be that scared of windows man
    why do you need to make staments like these when there’s the all awesome nexus 7 with usb driver support ?

  • Trust

    Of course Google won’t develop for windows 8. Why develop for another competitor of Android? They have to put up with Apple already, from which they steal or learn all the time. Someday that might be MS again, time will tell..

  • I’m getting myself a Windows 8 tablet. I’ve done my research since early October and decided that both Apple and Android tablets are toys compared to Windows 8.
    For gaming Windows 8 tablets are not great (unless you go for core tablets, but they have terrible battery life) but for everything else they are just perfect.
    I really hate surfing the net and watching videos on my One X, it’s slow and frustrating.

  • I really don’t think the Metro or modern UI Apps are going to last as long as did the “gadgets” in Vista… Gadgets are proof that MS will experiment, hope that thy get enought support and drop a concept if it doesn’t…
    I’d bet that a lot of programmers currently trying to figure out how to write these apps are going to be wasting their time…

  • wowza

    I have a droid phone (galaxy note) but this was so biased it made my stomach hurt I get it you <3 google