Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts continues to improve today with a new update that adds a few new features and performance enhancements. It’s not too gigantic, but since Hangouts has always had some big shoes to fill (via Google Talk), any improvement can be a big improvement. Here is what’s in the “What’s New” section in the Play Store.

  • Added more emoji!
  • We added some butter to Hangouts to make it run faster and slicker.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs.

If the Hangouts app needed anything, it was more butter. So far the Talk replacement has been great, but even on the highest end phones the app has a tendency to slow down quite a bit. So more butter is always a welcome improvement. Also, more emojis is always a win.

The Hangouts update also appears to be rolling out in waves. So you may or may not have received it just yet. As usual with these sorts of updates, patience is key. Aside from the new emojis, the performance enhancements, and the bug fixes, nothing else seems to be going on. If you want to download it now, you can grab it here or just wait for the roll-out to reach you.

Has anyone given it a shot yet?

Joe Hindy
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    • JosephHindy

      Well I wasn’t going to rip the download link, that’s just unethical :D

  • bozzykid

    FYI, that changelog is for the last update to Hangouts. The new version doesn’t have a changelog listed yet.

  • Bevan Coleman

    That changelog was from a good month or so back.
    And it’s not a “Great” app… it’s an app that has plummeted from mid to high 4s to 3.3 stars and is a poor substitute for Google Talk.

  • ziplock9000

    This is an old update.. why is it being posted today?

    • joser116

      Its not an old update, its just that this post reused the changelog of the previous update. As a matter of fact, this update is a 0.0.1 update, with only code cleanup and updated translation .

      • ziplock9000

        The description is from an old update, as are the update notes. Therefore this article is ‘old’.

        • joser116

          No, this article is a new article talking about a new update to Hangouts released a few days ago, but that update is so relatively minor that the Hangouts team decided not to update the changelog at the time that they posted the update to the Google Play Store. Joseph Hindy noticed the update but did not notice that the changelog was an old changelog and thought that it was the changelog for the new update. Therefore, the article is not old, it is not an old update, but the update notes ARE old.

  • joser116

    Lol thats the old changelog :D it’s a 0.0.1 update, with only translation updates and code cleanup.

  • Jaun Lombard

    Can someone please explain to me why I should use hangouts (since its an app I can’t delete)?

    I don’t get Google+ or Hangout….Nobody in my country use them because everyone use Facebook (Facebook messenger) and Whatsapp on their phones.

    With Google+ I follow some stuff like Galaxy phone blogs, Android Authority and Top Gear, but I follow them on Twitter and Facebook and get the same information…dare I say in a more user friendly way…

    I realy just wan’t to know the beniffit of those apps?

  • Omran Terro

    Google just buy Whatsapp and make it available across platforms

    • 8Charlie

      It’s already available cross-platform? Even works on old Nokias.

      • Omran Terro

        Not on laptops…

  • kaushik ray

    How much difficult is it for hangout pppl to add online offline functionality..I uninstalled it way back due to this reason..!!!

    • 8Charlie

      It will never get this probably. The biggest texting/calling apps are like this. The idea is that you will alwaysss be online. When you send someone a text, do you know if they have their phones on or off? And when you call them? No, but we still call and text people? What’s the problem?

      • kaushik ray

        The problem id we have the feature on our Hangout desktop version but then y not in mobile as well.. I like to talk to random old frnds whom I find online.. If I am arranging my official call thu hangout , I would like to know whether the person is online or not..

        • 8Charlie

          I suspect/hope it’s an old reminder of the PC-messaging days. On a PC I get that everyone is not always online, but wit time I think they’ll remove that feature.
          Don’t “arrange your official call”, just call him. Or message him, can I call you? Maybe you’ll get an answer, otherwise he’ll call you back/reply as soon as he has an internet connection again.

          Take a look at whatsapp, the super popular app Google was rumoured to be iinterested in buying. In Europe it rules the mobile messaging. In a conversation you can see that ssomeone has just come online, has read your message or is typing, but there’s no offline and online contact list. The idea , we all have an internet connection, all the time and this is the new SMS. You’re connected 24/7, always. You’re always “online”. If you aren’t? The messages will pop up as soon as you have a data connection, just like sms and cellular connection.