Google Glasses are closer to reality than ever [Video!]

by: SamApril 4, 2012

Google have released a fabulous video to get us pumped up and excited for Project Glass: Google’s augmented reality glasses. To be honest, it’s worked on me. I want a pair of these right now!

Augmented reality is the concept of altering or overlaying what we see. If these glasses are one day released to the public, we could all be comfortably reading the news as we walk to work, or watching a video without having to tilt our heads down. It’s an amazing concept, and one that Google hope to formally demonstrate by the end of the year.

As well as the video, I have included a list of the features portrayed within it, as well as my speculation on how some of the features will be implemented.

How will they work?

Babak Parviz (a member of the Project Glass team) has developed contact lenses with pixels in them. Presumably you wear one of these, and perhaps a Near Field Communication system built into the housing above your right eye (see images) sends the video signals wirelessly. If Project Glass does use a contact lense with pixels in it, it’ll make for an interesting start to each day!

Presumably there is a sensor/camera directed towards your eyeball to detect where you are looking, if the glasses respond to eye gestures. In the video, the wearer occasionally looks away from whatever is happening to use his glasses, so they may be motion triggered instead. Perhaps a combination of both. As for a camera which takes images of things in front of you, that can be seen clearly as the hole in the right-eye housing.

As for the audio, the images seen so far do not show any sort of earpiece attached to the glasses. Presumably there is a microphone on them somewhere, perhaps in the housing over the right-eye, but this means conversations would be difficult to keep private. Perhaps they will connect to a small Bluetooth headset?

Thinking of Bluetooth headsets made me realise that these glasses are incredibly thin with very little room for technology, let alone a battery. So how will they be powered?

The Video

It certainly has me excited! You? Unfortunately you never see the glasses themselves, but you certainly get an exciting taste as to what we can hope for.

Features shown in the video

Checking In

This is demonstrated by the wearer using head gestures and another form of control to check into the food truck he is standing by with his friend.

Video Calling

This is an amazing feature and a technical marvel. As well as transmitting video from his position, the wearer can see his girlfriend as a small image at the bottom of the screen. Remember this is probably all mocked up in a video editor, and the real image quality on the glasses may be considerably lower.


Perhaps the most useful feature of them all. I am constantly looking at my calendar to see what is coming up and how I should prepare myself. This feature would make me a very happy man.

Taking Photo/Sharing to Circles

The wearer finds a piece of graffiti art on a wall and takes a photo. Though he asks the glasses to do this for him, it has been reported that the glasses will also have a button for taking photographs. He then shares the image to ‘all my circles’ with a voice command.

Playing Music

Throughout the video music is played, and the viewer is led to think it is being played as background music for the video itself. Turns out that it was representing the ability to listen to music with these glasses, as the wearer gives the command ‘stop music’ before he answers a call from his girlfriend.

What do you think?

Do you want a pair of these glasses? Would you go to the trouble of wearing contact lenses with pixels in them? For that matter, would you be seen in public with them? They certainly have a very distinctive style which may not be for everyone. If these are released anytime soon, I will be fascinated to know the uptake rate.

  • Marcos

    I want a pair of those as well… If you know what I mean

    • I want, want, want, want, want! The contact is a bit of a stretch for this decade, I think, but the technology to actually what we see in the video isn’t far off. Go Google! Make it so!

  • WANT IT NOW!!!!

  • elyoy

    i can see in the future a Google lens give away :)

  • another way for google to spy on who we are and what we do. google is evil

    • Sam Cater

      You really don’t want a pair? ;)

      I’m sure they will be the same as Android phones, in that if you set them up correctly, Google get next to nothing :)

  • Jimmy Botox

    Once the actual glasses can live up to the demo, I’m in.

  • Eurisko Pebenito


  • Marine Adamyan

    Awe yeah! Love Google and love every single product by Google!
    Have you seen another leaked video on Project Glass?
    See here;

  • Roundlot

    Just another step to 1984 by Orwell. Now Google will not only know what you do on computers through it’s search, read your mails through it’s GMail, know where you are through it’s smartphones with GPS, but also know what you see each day all day long.

    • Sam Cater

      I’m sure it wouldn’t come to that. I’m sure the best they could get is your location, however such a scandal would ensure people never bought them, and Google wouldn’t like that.

    • Kookas

      Because capturing and transmitting heckloads of pictures over the air (consider the bandwidth & battery issues..) secretly is viable. Your tin-foil hat is ten years out of date, consider getting the newer ‘Tin0’ model.

  • Haveaquestion

    think that can not be healthy to wear receiver/transmitter all day. it’s microwave over mind!

    • jamie

      they will probably incorporate some sort of shielding technology to prevent direct radiation from c damaging your brain

  • the ” Google Borg ” is near…..;)

    • Sam Cater

      Now that’s a term I like!

  • Asdasdfasdf

    So one day you have your new AR contact lenses in as you’re barreling down the expressway at 80 mph, when all of a sudden they crash, filling the view portal with black pixels…

    • Sam Cater

      Ouch yes that is a worry! Perhaps regulations would prohibit such things. I certainly know I couldn’t ride my motorbike with a weirdy contact lens like that in.

  • gimme!!! >.<

  • Zane Blalock

    I wonder how they will use this contact lens for people who wear prescription lenses

    • Abodan09

      i thought of that wen i first saw this video months ago, but since its only a concept and prototypes, i tink they’ve thought of that too…let’s wait to see wat’s in the box for us by the end of the yr ;)

    • Nuke Iraq

      Maybe Google will sell an Ultra-Pro version with the added Laser Surgery accessory so you can chuck your prescription lenses…

  • epicnoobpwn

    Maybe it’s are a bluetooth accessory for your android smartphone? Looks like a great concept and we could be seeing this by this year! I would totally buy it!

    • Sam Cater

      A very good thought!

      I was thinking that they look to small to house their own battery and circuitry, perhaps a simple bluetooth connection and a battery is all they have.

    • jamie

      hell yeah!

  • epicnoobpwn

    …or you could have a monocle that is wired to your phone. It would be a peripheral for your phone as opposed to its own device. This would make it a whole lot lighter. Then you would put it/your phone in your shirt pocket and pull it out when needed (it would normally be in sleep mode.
    This monocle would appeal to all the sophisticated gentlemen out there.

    • I thought I will only see this in a movie..

    • Erick Vecchiato

      While the idea is great, the image has to be on both eyes for us to actually recognize it, otherwise you’d have to close one of your eyes to read stuff.

  • Lollita

    Good to know about it, But its not safe to wear at all time.

  • HeWasHere

    so theres gonna be a bunch of people walking around talking to themselves all the time?? Yh thats not creepy or insane at all (“,)

    • Butters_Mcjiggles

      the difference between that and bluetooth is what exactly?

  • Revelations

    WAY too similar to the Mark of the Beast. No thanks.
    The fact you wear it on your forehead doesn’t help either.

    • Zombie Killer
    • EVERYTHING is the mark of the beast. If I had spaghettios on my face it would be considered the mark of the beast…

    • Skeetorius

      The mark of the what? Are you kidding me? WOW !!! Now I’m really staying away from this. If it was even possible that this was in some way connected to the devil…..COUNT ME OUT.

    • Abodan09

      retarded christian…wisen up!!!!!…how can a detachable device be a mark of the beast??!!!…i wonder how you read your bible, the kind of bible u have in possesion, or how u understand it after reading!…then u shouldn’t wear eye glasses or use mobile phones or even the pc or anything electronics cos most are also inspired by the devil since they aint in the bible too!!!!…:p

  • Kay

    google glasses!!!!!!….dumbest idea ever.

  • Nathan_jordan

    now this would put a ui on life love it or we need now is solar panel and would never have to take them off

  • Strictos

    i think you would have to give it a key word or somthing to stop the head set doing every thing

  • Big Brother is Watching YOU

    I would like it, provided it didn’t connect to the internet. I know thats half the purpose, but I’m only interested in Optical Display. I don’t want google finding more information with their dubious privacy policy.

    • Abodan09

      internet connectivity has always been an option…gadgets have been working without internet since ages…what difference will this make?…

  • Frostbyte140

    Hipster’s wearing smart classes before they were cool.

  • soumkhane Peace

    Discover the latest apps and games. FREE and enjoy instantly on your Android phone or tablet.

  • Svederus

    Put that in a Darth Vader Helmet, and I’m game.

  • mohawkshawdiee

    i wanna be first in line but i dont like putting contacts in

  • Jeffhins

    i want one now

  • Hampe

    I will buy a pair of these the first day they become available, if they become available! No questions about it!

  • So why was he buying a book? Why didn’t he just read it on-line through his glasses?

  • Handsomeman

    I am going to wait until they can directly plug into my visual & hearing cortex. I wouldn’t want anything to disrupt my handsome face.

  • guestwriter

    Imagine all the car accidents this will cause because regardless of what laws are implemented to prevent ppl from driving while using this new device, ppl will still be wreckless.

    • richafrican

      Not unless they are driving google self driven cars :)

  • Simonnicholson27

    i already have a pair as i work for google’s project team on the glasses themself and ill haave you know the glasses look nothing like them in the picture

    • wildcat1935

      So what do they look like?

  • Yogman

    No thanks. As the previous poster pointed out, too much EMF to close to the head and the eye especially with that contact lens. Technology is moving too fast and unnecessary

  • i’d like to see this neat Google Glasses in the market… I feel like we’re really close to that “futuristic” life concept that we only see on movies.

  • Zack Hable

    I WANT ONE NOW…………

  • potential technology! this would really change the world! :D

  • ChampionsTech

    My worst fear is that they’ll incorporate ads :( …..

    • Emiel Ten Hoor

      It’s an advertising agency, but at least one trying to make the world a better place and our lives easier. So. upgrade to pro for ad free glasses if you dislike the ads :)

  • Manov rao

    Google recently filed a slew of patents that point to new Project Glass features.

  • skopp

    The day these things become popular is the day the world will end (31.12.2012 I think?)

  • Krautinator

    I want a pair of these, just so I can walk around screaming “OVER 9000!!!!”

    • thunder

      its all fun and game till it breaks on ur eye

  • The movies are coming to life………not sure if this is cool or not

    • Neo

      You see that girl in the red dress? I programmed her myself…

  • think that can not be healthy to wear receiver/transmitter all day. it’s microwave over mind

    • Abodan09

      our world is full of radiowaves, what deffrence does it make to wear one on ya head???….

      • cdawg334

        radiowaves and microwaves are two VERY different things. radiowaves are harmless and are with us all the time whereas microwaves are vary dangerous and can cause cancers. why do you think they are in a controlled are called a microwave. when you turn it on it heats up food. if microwaves were just out in the air than you could heat up food anytime and you could heat up yourselves when you blow up form the waves.

  • Lingasamy

    how much these glasses sorry amazing glasses

  • Gsjd

    Will it show ads when you see somthing ?? That will be creepy

  • Gsjd

    Just Saying : you look at a Bank and it will show you Bank rates and Offers . Accedently if you forget to take it in the Bathroom ,it may reccommend implants :-)

  • Gsjd

    Correction Just Saying : you look at a Bank and it will show you Bank rates and Offers . accidentally if you forget to take it off in the Bathroom ,it may recommend implants :-)

  • These new gadgets appear to be interesting but sometimes funny! Don’t they? :)

  • Embrace the future! Looks like these Glasses you give a better sense of reality than real life itself. lol

  • Daniel Ansay

    you will be a sitting duck for many filthy snatchers. ahaha.,.

    • Daniel Ansay

      be sure you are fit to run like hell!!!.,.

  • Anonymous1a

    Although I am really flattered by the prospects of such a device and would want one immediately, one of the major problems I can foresee is the health problems. Cellphones are decades old and there are still concerns that they may cause cancers. Now, what happens if you are emitting signal right into what is perhaps the most delicate part of your body, the eyes?

  • Google glasses are awesome. Exited to buy them

  • Corban Anderson

    I will have one of those!!! I really, really hope apple won’t try to sue Google over Googles’ idea.

  • cdawg334

    i would NEVER put anything with technology on my eye this is crazy what if it breaks or something shortages out then your eye is blind forever. and they are kinda ugly anyway. why not make them look like regular glasses like aviators or ray bans or something, where the technology is in the glass so its not like on your eye is farther away and it doesnt need to use microwaves to move data . its all right there in the device…

  • Rebekka Larsen

    “Strange days”..?

  • Jason Kit

    it looks very cool indeed..

  • james lagerman

    I want a google eye ball?

  • Leo

    I would get that as soon as possible:)

  • That’s really bad, people will become cyborgs =( and world will be place to live hard :(

    • jamie

      that will only be a problem if people overuse the technology

  • Money4Rum

    H3ll yes I want these!!! I informed my wife, I want a pair for christmas (im hoping that is their target timeframe).

  • atomic.bitch

    Company Called Quorum back in the 80’s had a similar item – played local TV channels – watch while washing the car – Technology not as sophisticated as this app. Plug into Tablet/S-ph this is cool. Some smart healthy comments – use- MW tech frying your brain all day, Enjoy the bread brain. Crash damage could be an issue. See TV series “Continuum” concept beyond have implant to the visual cortex / provides stereo view or full view upon call up. Wait for it. Where is true VR should have had that long ago.

  • T%his was my bloody idea. I wish there was some way I could sue these A*******. I shared this idea 2years back on a site where you share ideas about your invention and those cheapskates share it with big corporations. Chk it out here:

    scroll down to the bottom of the page and read my comment by title of MATRIX VIRTUAL GOGGLES posted on:Shehryar Kureshi on July 12, 2010 at 4:29 pm

  • libtekhed

    lame. Minority Report or nothing!

  • After surviving a Traumatic Brain Injury (this is my youtube channel here I live with what is called short term memory loss. Think of the movie Memento, or 50 First Dates, I use technology as a prosthetic memory. Without my phone, my GPS, my calendar and my data plan. I would constantly forget where I am, why I am there, and how to get home. It helps me remember everything. It also allows me to give my family and friends piece of mind as they can rest assured I will find my way home. Nothing like going for a 5 hour bike ride while training for the Ironman and getting lost to freak everyone out. I could see the use of these glasses not only for the productivity, but to remind me who I am talking to, where I am, and where I have been.

  • Ginder

    just amazing!!