home made google glasses

We here at Android Authority are so excited for the upcoming Google Glasses. Unfortunately, Google has only given us a demonstration video of how they’ll work, and besides press-release images, we have no other info on them. Most importantly, we have no idea when (or even if!) Google plans to release them to the public.

But that didn’t stop augmented reality designer Will Powell to cobble together his own augmented reality glasses to help ease the wait until the real deal is released. Though they certainly aren’t as…. discreet, as the Google Glasses, they can perform similar tasks.

Powell created an unedited or manipulated video to show off his creation. Within it, he performs many of the functions we see demonstrated in the video that Google released, ncluding checking the weather, sharing to Google+ circles, checking schedules, and taking pictures.

Powell head mounted contraption is composed of a combination of hardware, including Vuzix glasses, HD webcams, and a mic headset. The software behind the lot is Adobe Air. It also uses our old friend, Dragon Naturally Speaking, to handle voice commands.

Here is the video:

As an augmented reality fanatic himself, Powell was well aware that what Google is developing now was already possible with off the shelf technology. Although Powell’s device apparently works well, let’s say that he doesn’t look like the most sophisticated of people when wearing it. He looks like he is either going to terminate me or clear a 747 for take-off.

It isn’t just hackers who are trying to beat Google at its own game, other manufacturers are jumping on the augmented reality train, as well. Who will win? Will Google start public interest in augmented reality and other companies will best them with their products? We just have to be patient and see.

  • Matthew

    Uh, when he “puts the glasses on”, he doesn’t put them over the camera, yet we can see everything going on without any video editing or manipulation? Also, it’s already recognized voice commands before he’s finished speaking the words?


    • Those are not ordinary glasses – Vuzix glasses incorporates a video display, so instead of seeing through them, the user sees the image on the display. Probably, the guy has some cameras overhead (you can see some shadows on the magazine at one point) that transmit the image to the glasses, with the UI overlaid onto the image.

      I do agree that the interface seems to snappy to be true, though. Maybe he scripted the whole thing.

  • Remote44

    If it is what he says it is… its amazing but matthew may be right

  • Zombie Killer

    LMAO!!! That video is entirely fake. Funny as F*** though, but totally fake.

  • Gee Bird

    Did you really mean “discrete” as in finite, or did you mean “discreet” as in unobtrusive?

  • Mmm

    Super ugly and super fake.

  • awesome

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  • Whatever

    Hmm I am guessing he is a bit lonely and single poor guy , think he is in desperate need of a decent shag.

  • Scottobrien61

    Fake buddy. Due diligence ;)