Google Glass specs and features officially listed

by: Chris SmithApril 16, 2013


Google has finally listed official specs and features for Google Glass on its support pages.

The wearable gadget comes with adjustable nosepads (available in two sizes) and a durable frame that “fits any face.” Google Glass will offer a “high resolution display” that will be the equivalent of a 25-inch HD screen seen from eight feet away.

When it comes to camera capabilities, we’re looking at a 5-megapixel shooter that can also record 720p video. Available storage sits at 12GB “synced with Google cloud storage,” out of the total 16GB flash memory found on-board the Google Glass.

Connectivity options include Wi-Fi 802.11b/g and Bluetooth (unspecified version), while audio is handled via a Bone Conduction Transducer. Google Glass can be connected to any phone that has Bluetooth capabilities, and Google has also released a MyGlass companion app for Android smartphones that run Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher, which would enable GPS and SMS functionality.

Specific details about battery life aren’t offered, but Google does say that the battery will last one full day in “typical” use, although some features (mostly video related) “are more battery intensive.” Google Glass will come with its own Micro USB cable and charge, which Google advises users to use instead of other Micro USB charges available out there.

In addition to listing tech specs on its Glass support pages, Google has also announced that the first Google Glass units will be shipping to Explorers soon and has released the Mirror API for developers, as well as the MyGlass app mentioned earlier.

  • vampyren

    “Google Glass can be connected to any phone that has Bluetooth capabilities”
    This is not really true, the phone need to have the right profile in order to work.
    Maybe HFP/A2DP for audio and other for data transfer. Would be nice if reviewers were a bit more detailed in such areas so that readers don’t get their hopes up and think oh I can connect this to say my iPhone :)
    Any way I’m just waiting for my s4 to arrive :)

    • Folco de Jong

      Actually, Google has said you cán connect it to an iPhone…

      • that is blasphemy!!! lol. but if it runs android, I can’t see it running that smoothly, also apple would have to allow this, but seeing as in a few years they will be bringing out their own version of glass, I don’t see why they would allow this.

        • Apple’s “glass” will never be as good as Google’s. Even if it is, Google will have come out with theirs years before, obviously being much more appealing. Those years Google will also have the chance to innovate it in new ways while Apple has to release their first model. So you’re wrong, clearly.

          • wrong about what? I would never choose apple over google, I am simply stating that I can’t see apple being happy being compatiable with google glass… Ps. I have been waiting for these to come out since i first saw the first rumours coming out about this.

      • vampyren

        Just connect wont do it any good really, iPhone is lousy when it comes to taking advantage of its Bluetooth chip. It dont even have the most basic features and profiles which is really a shame. One more reason why i’m attracted to Android and using my iphone less and less.

  • dogulas

    Seems like a wearable external battery bank with a long usb cable would give this as much juice as you need if you’ll be using video tons. You can act like you’re in a movie and “wearing a wire”

  • Not even 802.11n wireless, kind of disappointing. I would be curious to try this though, if I had that kind of cash to spare.

  • Santana Taylor

    Don’t google and drive lol