Over the past few weeks, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and other Google employees have been wearing Google Glasses out in public. This does not take into account their myriad of talk show appearances.

When Brin recently appeared on The Gavin Newsom Show, he was controlling the glasses on Newsom from a track pad on the side. Wired reports:

In the video, Brin navigates the system via a touchpad on the right side of the headset behind the display. He slides his finger forward and back to locate a photo he took of Gavin Newsom with the contraption. He then places the headset on Newsom’s face, and continues to navigate until the photo is located. […] Newsom felt that the glasses were “incredibly light, comfortable and inconspicuous”. Brin has publicly stated that the glasses will be in retail stores “sometime next year”.

[embed width=”600″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oPRJh3eCjA[/embed]

Now that we have seen so much of the glasses, how do you think the project will turn out? Are you excited for the release next year?

Matthew Sabatini
Matt has been an Android fanatic since the original Motorola Droid. In addition to designing web pages, running his own company, and going to school, he finds time to write for Android Authority. Matt still owns that good old Droid 1 and a Xoom Family Edition.
  • YeisonPR

    I need to say “yes, depending on the launch price”. I don’t find this to be the ultimate useful device. Even so it’s quite innovative and it could fill some needs where smartphones are not able to excel (jogging, making sports, reading books, anything that keep your hands or primary sight busy).

    • I agree. I feel that Google Glass is a great complement to smartphones. When I first heard of the product, I thought that selling smartphones together with glasses and MOTOACTVs was the whole idea. But it is beginning to sound like the glasses could possibly be stand alone products.

    • Tioz

      You forgot “making you blind”

  • Gabba

    While the concept has tons of uses . . . I don’t see how the glasses as they are could be useful; they’re fugly and make you look like a dork as much as the old time thick glasses + bowtie. I wouldn’t be seen with them in public

    • This is where I disagree. I feel that they look like regular glasses, and they can even be worn with your regular glasses. This is one step closer to brain. devices like in the book Feed by Matthew Tobin Anderson.

  • Guest

    What’s the phone in frame 0:33 that the boss is using?

  • Blah007

    I cant wait for google glasses. Google glass project is awesome! See http://www.googleglassproject.com for unofficial information