Google Glass could ship this year, to sell for less than $1500

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 22, 2013

Google Glass hand

Glass, Google’s futuristic wearable computer, is about to become an item that regular consumers can actually buy. Previous clues provided by the Mountain View company pegged the Glass for a 2014 release, but The Verge reported today that Google is pushing to ship a product by the end of the year.

There’s some good news on the pricing front as well. While Google declined to be more specific, it appears that the device will cost less than $1500, the price that the company currently asks for the Glass. Although the price reduction was predictable, given the economies of scale that appear when a device is mass manufactured, it’s good to hear something official on the theme.

Those who signed up for the Explorer program during last year’s Google I/O were able to pre-order the Glass for $1500, although no units have shipped yet, as far as we know. Google extended what is essentially a beta testing program this week, giving “creative individuals” the chance to buy a Glass by submitting a short application on Google Plus or Twitter.

When it goes on sale, the Glass will be “fully-polished” according to a Google rep. Judging from the fact that the project recently received a home of its own on Google’s website, a branding, and a promo video that details the user interface, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Sergey Brin’s team is preparing the commercial launch of the Glass.

The Verge’s Joshua Topolsky scored some time with the Glass, which he calls “the future”, and he collected his impressions in this excellent article that I suggest you check it out.

  • paxmos

    This is all we needed. Up to now, a bunch of weirdos with their BT headphones/microphones walking around talking on their phones as if they were talking to themselves, and now this stupid looking glass..oh Scottie, beam me up . I like to see a few accidents caused by this device….pretty soon, Mr. Spock ears to hold the glass. Would there be a leftie version too???

  • i just hope there will be a model to snap on prescription glasses , lets of geeks are visually assisted already , and it would be a bummer that those two tech be incompatible