Google Glass Vision

Saturday Night Live (SNL) targeted during its latest show Google’s wearable computing solution, Google Glass, in a short fake news sketch in which it mocked some of the features of the product.

SNL made fun of several Glass features from the looks of the device when worn on one’s head, to the hyped increased interactivity between Glass users and their peers compared to smartphone owners, to the additional gestures used to control certain aspects of the device, to voice recognition software.

Invited by host Seth Myers, tech correspondent Randall Meeks (actor Fred Armisen) demoes the device and its functions, praising Google Glass and its features, or at least trying to, because everything isn’t going as planned. And yes, hilarity ensues.

The video of the short sketch is available below – YouTube version for international users (poorer quality), while U.S. readers can check the NBC version (better quality) – so we won’t spoil it for you. Suffice to say that the SNL nails some of the arguments you may have heard against Glass since the device arrived in the hands of Explorers.

Google Glass is certainly an interesting product but it’s far from perfect– what gadget is? – or finished, and we definitely expect Google to further improve the device by the time it will become commercially available, which should happen at some point in a year from now according to a recent Eric Schmidt statement. Google’s former CEO also said that talking to Glass can be the “weirdest thing,” and addressed the first questions regarding privacy concerns when using the new product.

In case you want to read more details about how the product is supposed to work, check out our How it Works: Google Glass feature that talks about hardware but also software features.

  • Xyber

    Not even! They made fun of themselves…. this is totally in accurate and the dude looks like a total dumb @$$! Not even funny just annoying.

    • paxmos

      I loved it and only time will tell. I always thought people with bluetooth headsets looking as if they were talking to themselves were stupid, but now I think Google glass will prove that we will have even more stupid people out there…Oh god, I can’t wait…

      • APai

        what else can we expect from SNL ? it’s meant for hilarity. i think the bluetooth devices and people speaking to themselves is now part of the culture :) it does seem funny, but its much more convenient for the guys using BT!

      • dunno whos more stupid, ppl talking over the phone using a BT headset, or people looking at them thinking they are talking to themselves…

      • Same here, the video was funny and I can’t wait to see people with those glasses. I do like the idea behind those glasses but I don’t think humanity is ready for this kind of technology.

        • yizhaq agronov

          I dont know about humanity, but here in israel we ready, bring it on!

    • Ahh, did someone get their little feelings hurt? Too bad!

      I like the idea of Google Glasses but either your not a fan of SNL or have no sense of humor. Could be both…

  • This is gonna hurt Google Glass sales, Google should just give it up

  • Timmy

    Google Glass is a stepping stone to ocular implants we’ll all have in the future.

    The main character in this show has “ocular implants that serve both as cameras and as a heads-up display, and downloadable memory that records everything she sees.”

    Watch the show to see all the cool things the main character does with her (ocular) implants. I think it’s around episode 7 or 8 where you see how they get “installed” on her eyes.
    The SNL skit was funny too.