Google Glass FAQ

When we discussed a rumor Robert Scoble relayed the other day, much discussion was opened up. Was Best Buy leasing 6,000 sq. ft. per store, as the Google+ post suggests, or was it 6,000 sq. ft. throughout all their stores? Were there going to be Google stores in select best Buy stores? The vague rumor didn’t clarify.

While a Google-at-Best-Buy presence is one I believe to be a great option, Googler Chris Dale promptly shot the rumors down via a twitter post, with a fitting tongue-in-cheek hashtag of ‘#factcheck’.

Google Glass tweet

Chris’ tagline on his twitter account is “Glass Vocal Cords”, so we’ll trust that, as a spokesperson for Glass, his commentary has some knowledge behind it. What he said should be taken in context, but we should also appreciate the spirit of his twitter post.

If Glass isn’t coming to Best Buy in 2014, we’ll wonder if it ever will. It would also be nice to know just how Google plans on rolling Glass out en masse, if they plan to. The fitting experience is necessary (like any other pair of glasses), and a sit-down session is needed. Unless Google has some sort of “measure your head, then order online” scheme for Glass, a real-world presence is necessary.

As for Chris’ comment on retail pricing, many would like to speculate as though it’s an episode of “The Price is Right”. Let’s just wrap our heads around Glass running us more than $299, probably by quite a bit. Saying a device, which currently sells to developers and those in the Explorers program for $1,500, will not cost $299 shouldn’t be taken to mean it will (or even could) cost less. Despite what some contemplate the hardware cost to be, that doesn’t tell the whole tale of retail cost.

No Glass via Best Buy doesn’t rule out a Google presence in the retailer, but we won’t hold our breath for it. As I said a few days ago, Glass creates a need for a large retail presence. In that respect, it’s reasonable to think Google will avoid retail until they’re more confident in Glass’ staying power.

  • Ryu

    I hope that the hardware itself will be $299 or less. I won’t count the fitting in the actual cost for it.

    • melhiore

      If this thing will cost more than $299 only some will buy… Google is not the company willing to sacrifice “advert consumers” that easily…

      • Ryu

        With what it can do, it still would be a hard sell to general consumers. I, for one, plan on getting it as long as it is less than $500, but I am a big technology enthusiast, and I kind of want to develop for Glass.

  • isn’t coming to Best Buy in 2014… but about 2013? he didn’t wrote isn’t coming at all…

  • Edward Smith

    I was going to say, if you start pushing the price over $150 this project will fail. Adoption is huge for this project, most people don’t want to look like geeks so Google needs to fix the geek fashion with the product so it just looks like normal glasses or low the price so people will try them.

  • sanayt

    He didn’t say it would be more expensive than $299 it could be cheaper

  • Luka Mlinar

    Oh, I won’t be buying it then.

  • Nick Dion

    I feel like its going to be cheaper than 299 if he even said it at all. No way someone would say its gonna be more expensive,

    • Matthew Pugh

      dude its probably gonna be like $999 at launch.

  • Kenny

    judging by recons price of 400-500 i guess it will be 300 to 400