Google Glass likely to cost $299 at launch, says Taiwan-based researcher

by: David GonzalesAugust 9, 2013

Google Glass 645px
When Google Glass was first released by Google to the general public earlier this year, people who were included in the group of early adopters — called Glass Explorers — were asked to pony up $1,500 each in exchange for the hardware. Many said this price was too high. But surely, Google will tone the price way down once it launches a version of Google Glass for the average consumer, right? According to a Taiwan-based researcher named Jason Tsai, Google will, indeed.

Speaking at a local seminar on wearable devices recently held in Taipei, Taiwan, Topology Research Institute researcher Jason Tsai told reporters that Google Glass could first arrive with a price tag of just $299. This statement is partly based on the fact that the most expensive part of the device is expected to only cost between $30 and $35. And it will likely be supplied by a company called Himax Display, which Google agreed to buy a 6.3 percent stake in back in July.

Google Glass at $299, just in time for the holidays. Wishful thinking? We don’t know. But we certainly wouldn’t mind if that particular wish came true. What about you? Can you see Google selling Glass at $299?

  • Luka Mlinar

    299$ is a good price. Over that would be what i am now calling a “motofail”

    • SkylaC90

      There is no F’ing way, People need to stop being cheap and bit#%ing about every little thing, if you’re too stupid to save up and can’t afford it then that’s your problem, but then don’t and and whine so the company makes the the device shittier for ass all just so that you might buy it and then complain that it’s shit.

      • Ivan Myring

        “For ass all” well you’re definitely an ass
        Don’t be a dick. Are you saying you would like it to cost more? What kind of logic is that?
        And selling it at $299 will get them 10-20x the sales of $500 and hundreds more times than $1500

      • SeraZR™

        LoL why’d i want to save up for a phone with that specs at that price tag? o>O

        Deluded “rich” people -_-

      • ShaMana

        Please go buy an Apple product and after that stick your head back in the sand.

        Best Regards

      • najiy91

        live in moderate,friend(“,)

    • ejdeleon

      I will definitely buy one of these for $299. Great price.

    • Luka Mlinar

      I bet i know who gave me the down vote :D

  • Balvinder Makkar

    preorder please..:D

  • Alain Lafond

    Yeah, when it launch there will be 5,000 available… Don’t count on it. It’s gonna be the ultimate step of a looooooooooooong serie of failed launch… Nexus 7 (2012), Nexus 4, Nexus 7 (2013), Chromecast, Moto X… Yeah, way to go Google… One day will all be tired of that. Even Micro$oft never act like this…

  • Ivan Myring

    Shut up and take my money!

  • NateCress

    Yes, I could see $299, but that price would deter it’s quick adoption. It should sell for less than that. Ultimately other manufacturers will develop cheaper devices. (albeit “cheaper” for a reason). If they really wanted these to fly of the shelf they’d try for a $199 price tag. (They may not though… for various reasons). Let me explain why a $199 price tag would sell better. The majority of users probably already use some type of eye correction. The best method for selling these things on an ongoing basis is through eye glass centers. This is similar to how Apple was able to successfully launch the mobile revolution with the assistance of mobile carriers. Eye glasses are already expensive. Most frames sell for somewhere between $49 and $199, but they aren’t the most expensive part of the purchase. The lenses can potentially get very expensive and make the total cost easily exceed $400 to $500 per year for some people (obviously not everyone). However, increasing the cost of the frames really makes adopting this new wearable technology a burden. You may also consider that glasses typically get a lot of wear and tear. Since the technology will probably improve rapidly, users will want to get the new Glass on their next set of frames each year. That said keeping the cost at the typical $199 per set of frames would be the most beneficial to adoption. The price point of $299 could work, but the adoption rate will be dramatically slower. Like I said before though, Google may want to stifle Glass adoption until they can get a grasp on all of the potential privacy issues and other upcoming problems.

    • NateCress

      Another thought consumers might have: “Why would I want to pay more for a pair of glasses frames than for my phone?” In America, most people really think their phones cost $199. I know the true cost of most smartphones is around $600 or more, but most of the buying public in America, expect to pay no more than $199 for their “smart phone”. Obviously a smart phone can do a lot more than Glass. Glass is more a less a luxury item. However buy bringing the price down to what people expect to pay for frames, the adoption rate will greatly increase.

      Side note: Yes, I know that some frames are more expensive than $199, but they are also considered a luxury type item. I’m talking about mainstream consumers who shop at places like Walmart on a regular basis.

    • Tony Cervantes

      Completely agree with the $199 price point. I would personally still get one at $299 but can also see many of my friends who wear glasses be easily swayed into buying them at the lower price since prescriptions can indeed become very costly.

      • NateCress

        Look at Chromecast. Chromecast is successful because Google was able to price the device in a way that the average Joe can easily get in on the magic. There is certainly a balancing act that Google has to play in pricing this device just right. Expensive enough to get great hardware and experience in the end product, but cheap enough to get on as many heads as possible.

  • Larrychen

    It seems like this isn’t such an expensive device to manufacture, really. I’d expect them to start showing up from little manufacturers pretty soon.

  • wow

    Omg. Ill take 2.

  • Topcat488

    At $1,500.00 or $299.00 these Google Glass will be banned in most public places. From A-Z, Glass will be banned… From driving a (A)uto – to visiting a (Z)oo These things only make a person look STUPID and NOT COOL!

    • Matthew Wypyszinski

      Somehow I find it fairly unlikely that they will be banned at the Zoo, and considering the florida is only just now banning txting (sort of, you have to get caught doing something else first, and they are not allowed to pull your cell phone records in court unless you seriously injured or killed someone. AND your still allowed to do it at stop signs, stop lights.) i doubt they will even be universally banned while driving (not that i think that using it while driving is a good idea.) Everyone said the Iphone would be a major failure when it launched too, because no one would EVER want to combine all that functionality into a handheld device.

  • Matthew Wypyszinski

    299? sign me up

  • 2gerry

    Stop arguing whatever the price would be. Its business. Its strategic pricing. Why dont we just tell Google to give it out for free? Will thst make us all live in glorious harmony?
    Solution is simple. You have the cash, buy it. No cash, and u think too expensive, then look away. End of story.

  • Funes Bubble

    I would buy it. Even if it will cost more expensive.

  • Adam Rosenberg

    I think pricing them at 1500 was just a social experiment to see how badly people wanted the products. the people do want them, and want them to be more developed. cant wait for this.