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In a huge step forward for Google’s Glass, their heads-up display style wearable computer, the Explorer Edition is now in open beta to all US residents. That’s right, starting today anyone in the US can purchase the Glass Explorer Edition, as long as Google has them in stock.

After putting Glass up for a one day sale to anyone in the US last month, and peddling it to golfers at a recent pro golf tournament, Google is proving its commitment to find new explorers for Glass. Don’t go thinking this is an official release of the consumer version of Glass, we’re still in the developmental stages here. As with any ‘beta’ program, Google hopes to hear about your experiences and get your feedback to continue to grow the product.

Google Glass Become An Explorer buttonIf you are interested, the price tag is still $1500 and you can head over to the new Glass start page to get enrolled.

The Glass shop has all of the Glass frames, shades and accessories up for sale, and your order of Glass Explorer Edition today appears to come with one free accessory from a selection of frames or shades.

Google Glass Open Beta Store

Google Glass has been an intriguing product, right from the early days of jumping out of blimps for Google I/O, through to walking the fashion runways of New York and on to court cases over distracted driving laws and more. The price tag creates a bit of a barrier to entry for Glass, a way to ensure that, at least while in the Explorer Edition phase, only dedicated users pick up Glass to play with. It is still expected that Google could release a consumer version of Glass by the end of 2014, and with the recent revelation that the parts to build a pair come in at about $80, we have hope that it will be available with a far more reasonable price tag.

Time and again we’ve asked if you feel Glass is worth purchasing at this stage of the game, and you’ve always collectively come back rather split on the answer. Many of you want or already have Glass, and the rest are willing to wait for the consumer release. We wonder if having Glass available to purchase at your leisure will change your mind – now that there is no rush to purchase, will you be considering grabbing a pair of Glass?

Jonathan Feist
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  • Aar0nC

    I just wish that at this point of the game we would see a progression in the hardware department. I’m aware that now people that need prescriptions glasses are not being included in the adventure, but I’m really referring to the technical specs! Add a bigger battery or a way to connect a spare battery through USB or something. If it was worth 1500 bucks a year ago, shouldn’t the price drop a bit since its technically a years old gear already?

    • Jonathan Feist

      Taking your point, there are many that believe the price should come down. The leading argument against, that I have seen from various commenters, is that the premium price tag is to ensure that dedicated individuals join in the Explorer program. Hopefully they will make a serious hardware upgrade and price cut for the consumer release, whenever that happens to be.

  • mildmanneredjanitor

    You couldn’t give me a pair. In fact you couldn’t pay me to wear them at ANY price. That sounds like a superlative, but honestly I mean it.

    I don’t know why, but they make me wince every time I see them. Like some kind of incredibly ugly and sad prosthetic (which technically I guess they are).

    The other bizarre thing is that they make me want to punch the wearer. Obviously one shouldn’t punch someone wearing glasses, but since I started thinking about that I can’t get it out of my head. I really hope to never see someone wearing them ‘cos, I’m scared its gonna happen.

    • Random


  • Really its Good news Google Glass Explorer Edition now open to any U.S. resident

  • A Human

    No chance way overpriced for a device that costs sod all to produce you would have to be a complete sucker to buy one

  • Wedabus

    I would love to have one of these. Although the price tag is high and you have to have credit card information in order to be part of the explorer project.

  • Chris

    Please lower the price. I want these so bad for a reasonable price…

    • deepen915

      I think $499 would be great.

      • Chris

        A little steep for me, but I wouldn’t think it was unfair. I’m hoping $300, but I realize that’s probably asking too much.

  • kcocymkcus

    $1500 to look like a complete dork and become a target for people to beat the crap out of , sounds reasonable .

  • nando

    Is there a way to move the glass screen from the right eye to the left?
    coz I can’t see with my right eye