Google Glass hand

The Google Glass virtual reality-friendly eyewear isn’t even available in stores yet and the product has already been banned in a Seattle bar over privacy concerns.

Since Google Glass users will be able to take pictures and record everything and anything they desire, privacy will most likely be a delicate topic when talking about this particular product.

Dave Meinert, who owns the 5 Point bar in Seattle, took to Facebook to announce that Google Glass usage will not be allowed in the bar:

”For the record, The 5 Point is the first Seattle business to ban in advance Google Glasses. And ass kickings will be encouraged for violators.”

Meinert looks at the issue half-jokingly, but at the same time, he says he wants to protect the privacy of his patrons and that he has no problem with them wearing the glasses outside of the bar:

First you have to understand the culture of the 5 Point, which is a sometimes seedy, maybe notorious place. People want to go there and be not known … and definitely don’t want to be secretly filmed or videotaped and immediately put on the Internet.

One interesting thing about 5 Point is that the bar is located near Amazon, which means that “tech geeks” working for the giant retailer may be among the regulars with the cafe, although the Google Glass ban doesn’t seem to be related to their presence.

On a more humorous note, in case the Google Glass ban will stand in this particular, it means future buyers won’t be able to rely on Google Glass to impress their dates while inside 5 Point.

Will we see Google Glass, and any other similar products, get banned in other establishments in the future?

  • Dwayne McDougle

    Seems like they would need to ban any kind of device that records or takes pictures. I am not really defending Glass, but the privacy point makes no real sense. Sounds more like a quick and easy publicity type ordeal than anything else.

    • MasterMuffin

      But you can secretly film anyone and even livestream it to anyone without no-one noticing and that’s “scary”! And you can also film stuff that isn’t allowed to be filmed without no stopping, unless someone takes those glasses from you. I totally understand his point, but I personally don’t care

      • Martin Rogers

        you can do that anyway,
        you can even have Bluetooth video glasses and my Samsung sIII can broadcast to livestream there’s nothing new about the technology of broadcasting using a mobile device

        • MasterMuffin

          But with Glass it’s so much easier!

    • astro

      google glass will absolutely be banned on white house.

  • Drew Sanders

    This is ridiculous. If his criteria for the ban is Glass’s ability to record and post what it sees, then they had better be banning mobile devices too. Publicity hound with no clue about how tech works in the real world, plain and simple

    • I think they don’t allow mobile devices too, it’s just too apparent if you used mobile devices than GLASS so they can easily get rid of it not like GOOGLE GLASS.

  • Quadtronix

    Maybe they should ban seedy activity and allow google glass… :)

  • Bone

    It’s a tricky legal situation. They can certainly say you can’t USE a gadget that records footage, but can they say you can’t have it with you? Glass is simply a mobile device that is placed somewhere different than usual. They can tell you to turn your cell off but they can’t take it away , can they?

    • rk

      Seems like a feature that google glass needs. The ability to fold and put away discreetly.

    • PopeJamal

      -Private clubs can require or disallow whatever they want as long as they don’t violate any civil rights laws. It’s private property, so they can be selective about who they allow up to a point.

      -They can tell you to turn of your cellphone but they can’t take it. That would be theft. They can only kick you out.

  • lean6

    Guy has a good point. Whether or not this catches on as a trend or industry standard among bars remains to be seen. No matter what the outcome, this is going to be informative to a lot of people…that’s not a bad thing.

  • Greg

    This bar owner actually has a point re. privacy concerns and Google Glass.

  • What??!!?? I am on TV?? (zip).. “SMART” phone out.. (zip) Speed dial 3 (speed dial 2 is 911).. (phone ringing somewhere at an unearthly hour).. Woman screams sleepily.. What have you done this time, moron?.. (I am super excited).. Mommy mommy turn on the TV! I am live on COPS!!.. (zip).. Taser out.. (zip).. Head smashes against bar stool.. (loud shrieks).. Best friend.. Dude! You just got tasered! Awesome!! Dude the cop took your stash! You suck .. Later dude!! (In my head.. Cinderella was supposed to go all the way down.. She stopped midway and punched me in the gut! That @#$?!.. (zip) pass out.. End of story.

    Now if it ain’t for Google glass who’s gonna upload my 15 secs of fame?!?

  • kokopelli

    All Google Glass does is lower the threshold for recording people. Look at all the recording you see on the web of random brawls or cops making arrests. Video in public places is common place, this just makes it a little easier to do.

    That said the bar is a private establishment and they can ban whatever they want. There will be a portion of the populace not comfortable around users of Glass and it will take some adjustment in expectation of privacy. If the business owner thinks that the lack of comfort with being recorded can negatively impact his business then he has every right to ban it.

  • Denis De Fazio

    They only want attention with this measure, there are hundreds of ways to record stuff and broadcast, do they also ban phones?

  • Jason Doherty

    The guy is foolish in consideration most phones can do the same thing maybe better. Why are people so afraid of innovation, ignorance is no excuse to ban a device and assuming people are there to hide then it only makes it a target for this to happen anyways. He’s just trying to promote his place by banning it and if I ever go there I’m gonna record everything I see and make a compilation like “People of Walmart” and viral it on YouTube, we’ll see how fast his client base drops if this is the game he wants to play.

  • rainbow xvii

    if someone hack google glass, I can see through other people glass’ camera.

    or, imagine if my boss order me to use google glass on office, so that he always know what I’m doing at work..


  • williamworlde

    I think this is brilliant! Though this person may be generating some free buzz for his establishment, I’m happy someone’s taking a stand against yet another intrusive Google product – and protecting his concerns.

    We DON’T have to be so connected, so informed ALL the time. Really.

    I don’t care to see what ANYONE else is doing at any given moment. My life IS interesting. Since I changed my phones last November (iP to GNex), I have been on FB less, especially as I didn’t install the app on my new phone. I mean to use my laptops once/week to “check in”, but I haven’t done so for the past couple weeks. Guess what? My friends are still my friends and we’ve hooked up using messaging/telephone/email. Huh?! How the hell is that possible without the enormous time-wasting FB/Twit/Insta/etc. tools?! Lots of you will disagree; that’s your right.

    NOTE: I’m anything but a Luddite. I’m actually typing this on my W8 touchscreen device. But, in this “new dotcom era”, I’m being more selective in the technologies I buy and/or use, and when I buy any technology now it’s because I need it. The companies and tools are disappearing almost as fast as 12 years ago!

  • Mike A

    For many years at the strip club I used to run, we had a ban on cell phones with cameras. Eventually that rule went away, but we still had to watch out for people trying to take pictures of the girls. But that being said its was so dark in there with a bunch of random lights, those pictures never came out good anyways. We would make the customers erase them and tell them to cut their shit. Wasnt really a problem.

  • GC

    Museums will be a nono.

  • Rohan Makkar

    has a point but how about spy pens?? not so cool to have but will do the work and doesn’t even costs a thousand dollars