Google Glass API

The recently released Google Glass API has a very interesting detail in its Terms of Service: not allowing developers to serve ads. The detail is a pretty important one in terms of how Google plans to allow developers (like Twitter, a company that has announced the development of a Glass experience) to monetize their apps.

It will be interesting to see whether this will change in the future or it is cast in stone, but for now, the Google Glass API, (or Google Mirror, as the company calls it), Terms of Service clearly state:

[quote qtext=”No Ads. You may not serve or include any advertisements in your API Client.” qperson=” ” qsource=”Google Mirror API Terms of Service” qposition=”center”]

The Terms of Service also add that user data can not be used for advertising services, nor can it be sold to third-parties for such purposes. Fees are not allowed either, not even to pay for the app itself, not to mention selling extra features or “virtual goods”.

Google’s lawyers seem to have covered everything they could think of, since the same terms also forbid using the APIs where it could cause death, injuries, or environmental damage, with nuclear facilities as one of the examples.

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Bogdan Bele
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  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    Thus actually worries me a little. What’s the incentive for developers to make a Google Glass app over a regular Android app if they can’t make money?

    • maybe google will give them a comission based on number of downloads?

    • Bo

      Maybe there’ll be paid apps?

      • TheFirstUniverseKing

        “Fees are not allowed either, not even to pay for the app itself, not to mention selling extra features or “virtual goods”.”

        Unless I read this wrong, paid apps aren’t allowed.

  • I think this may just be directed at early adopters. Given the Google+ integration the ad targeting Google would deliver would be killer. The bone conduction tech might just deliver an ad subliminally anyway :) I don’t think Google would want to turn away developers in the long run