Google Glass may no longer need to pair up to your Android phone for some features to work

by: Brad WardMay 3, 2013

google glass feature

There are a number of features on Google Glass that require you to pair the device with your Android smartphone, such as turn-by-turn navigation and text messaging. However, according to a Google employee, Google Glass will be able to function independently, no matter what device it’s paired to.

TechCrunch writer Frederic Lardinois says, “Glass will soon be able to handle these features independent of the device the user has paired it to (and maybe even independent of the Glass companion app).” In other words, it’s possible that Glass won’t need a Bluetooth connection to your phone (or even the Glass companion app) for some features to work. Of course, you’re still going to need a way to connect to the Internet.

Glass has a built-in compass, but not a GPS receiver. This means that your Android phone is going to need to have your carrier’s tethering plan, as Glass will rely on your personal Mobile Hotspot (or data connection) to gather location data. So, in a way, Glass will still be pretty dependent, on your phone, just not via Bluetooth.

Of course, this is just what a Google rep confirmed and not an official statement from the Mountain View-based company, so it may be wise to take this one with a grain of salt for now.

  • Brad, you should check your article. TechCrunch says it will be possible to pair Glass with smartphones other than Android, so iPhones etc. It says it will be “platform independent”, not “independent of the smartphone” as in “you will no longer need the smartphone”.