Google Glass teardown reveals that the device is powered by a 570mAh battery

by: Robert TriggsJune 12, 2013

Google Glass teardown 2

We already have a fair bit of information available about how Google Glass works, but some people just can’t help but tear apart their lovely new piece of technology to see precisely how it all ticks. Thanks to Star Simpson and Scott Torborg, and after some careful jimmying and unscrewing, we can finally see exactly what’s inside.

Quite surprisingly the teardown revealed that Google Glass is powered by a seemingly measly 2.1 Wh (roughly 570 mAh) battery, which unfortunately isn’t replaceable either if you were hoping to squeeze in some extra battery life.

You wouldn’t have thought that this would provide anywhere near enough juice for a modern piece of technology. But it’s worth noting that Google Glass is using a Texas Instruments OMAP4430 processor, which is not a battery draining Tegra 4 or anything high end like that, so this is actually quite a sensible design decision to help keep temperatures down, etc.

exploded-isometricOn top of that, the teardown reveals a closer look at the clever prism/projector display setup, there’s a little glimpse at how the touchpad works, and the all important bone-conduction technology as well. It certainly makes you appreciate the intricacy of the various pieces of technology which make Google Glass work.

If you’d like a full look at exactly what goes into Google Glass, then I recommend that you head on over to Catwig for the full collection of high quality pictures.

  • MasterMuffin

    What were you expecting, 3300 mAh like in Razr HD Maxx? :D

    • Anonymousfella

      Charge it completely and wear it non-stop for a month! :D

      • MasterMuffin


        BTW mini solar panels would be nice!

  • Anonymousfella

    The article just made me envious that i dont have it.Sigh!

  • John Kirkpatrick

    Another extremely cool piece of tech that I would rarely use.