Google Glass for just $299? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

by: Andrew GrushAugust 12, 2013

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Just a few days ago, about every tech site on the planet (Android Authority included) seemed to be buzzing about the idea of Google Glass hitting an ultra-low launch price of around $299. As you might already know, if something seems too good to be true, it often is.

Eager to find the truth, reporter Jason Gilbert reached out to folks that were “close to Google’s Glass team”. The verdict? The price will be higher than $299, though the sources didn’t get into an specifics as to how much more.

To be fair, using anonymous sources means that Gilbert is essentially debunking one rumor with yet another – so keep that in mind. The headset might certainly be $299, despite what these sources say. Heck it could be even lower.

That said, I wouldn’t be all that surprised if Glass does end up costing more.

There are plenty of unknown factors involved here.

As much as many of us would love to get our hands on Glass for just $299, the originally quoted price of $299 was reached based on looking at the device’s hardware costs. Topology Research Institute’s Jason Tsai didn’t stop to consider the costs involved that go way beyond parts.

In reality, we really don't know how much Glass will cost. All we know for fact is that Glass will not cost $1500. Beyond that, Glass could set us back anywhere from a penny to $1499.99.

While Google is known for coming close to at-cost pricing with devices like its Nexus phones and tablets, we have to realize that Google Glass is a significantly different kind of mobile device than any other on the market. Although many of its parts and even its OS is based on existing tech, Glass still likely incurred quite a few expenses when it came to R&D spending.

There’s also the matter of Google Glass being shadowed by constant controversy and misunderstanding. If Google wants to shake some of its criticisms, it will need to invest in solid marketing in order to demystify its wearable computer, which could help folks realize that its not necessarily as scary as some suggest.

Finally, Google might be planning on trying to get Google Glass onto as many heads as possible, or they could be interested in pricing a little higher so that they can keep the number of early adopters low as they continue to improve the Google Glass experience. There are just so many unknowns involved here.

If not $299, how much?

Based on past comments from Sergey Brin, we know Google Glass will come at a price that is significantly lower than the original Explorer Edition devices. We have also heard past reports suggesting Glass will price similarly to off-contract flagship smartphones. If this proves true, that could put the device closer to the $450 – $800 mark.

In reality, we really don’t know how much Glass will cost. All we know for fact is that Glass will not cost $1500. Beyond that, Glass could set us back anywhere from a penny to $1499.99. What do you think of Google Glass, how much would you be willing to pay for it?

  • My budget, unless I suddenly get a much more lucrative writing job won’t be able to handle much more than 399, and even that will be a real stretch. If money weren’t a problem I would gladly pay 500-800 bucks, but between family and bills I can’t rationalize such a purchase on a non-essential device.

  • mazdajdavis

    $300 for a collection of sensors any low end phone has, mounted on a glasses frame with a BT radio & small battery. If they price it as much as a flagship smartphone that’s crazy from what I’ve read there not as good as people thought, & have about a quarter of the functionality of a flagship phone. The $300 price point is perfect is they want it to sell in any volume. It’s just not a must have item except for the nerdyist of people, I wouldn’t where a pair at any cost & I have a 7 figure trust & am a tech head. I love pulling out my flagship phone(particularly my latest HTC One M7) love to show off that unibody. That’s why I buy flag ship. Not to put on ugly glasses that will guarantee no females will come within 50ft for fear I’m filming or taking unwanted pictures of them. No thanks even my good looks cant overcome Google glass(though I do have a smoking hot fiance, but still). I might as well put on tight pants & a lord of the rings t-shirt. I like those things, I have an inner nerd, but besides my hi-tech items I don’t like to outwardly show it. Glass is to much, I can pull out my phone it’s not that heavy.

    • monkeypox69

      I’m not sure if you’re the most arrogant, obnoxious douche I’ve seen on the net – but you’re close.

      • mazdajdavis

        Call it what you want I’m just honest.

        • Sassy Baller Strikes Again

          There’s a fine line between brutal honesty and arrogance to mask insecurity. You’re displaying the latter

        • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

          good looks is subjective….your ‘brutal honesty’ about your ‘super hot good looks’ is near Narcissist. Your opinion that all individuals that wore ‘tight pants & LOTR’ t-shirts are ‘nerds that has nowhere your good-looks’ is downright disrespectful though…

          Clearly, Glass is not the item for a ‘chick magnet’ like you so why not be the ‘jock’ that you are move along while we geeks use it without worrying about whether ‘the chicks is put off by it’.

          Here’s another fact: I’m a marathon runner & diver and frequent backpacker but am also a super-geek with a large android soft-toy at home, android keychains, and all generations of nexus devices. And yet I will bet my ass i have less body fat than you, a much slimmer tummy and can have a better endurance and stamina than you. And I am a geek and proud of it, regardless chick’s been digging me or not. My opinion is that only low self-esteemed individuals care about and how people looked at them.

          • mazdajdavis

            Your talking to a Olympic caliber soccer player, I think you picked the wrong guy to compare your physical fitness to. Ive been eating guys who were “in shape” for breakfast since I was 18. & I’m talking real men, Rangers, Special forces not some pansi civilian diver. Had you picked another category you might of had a chance but that was the wrong category bub :)

    • Sassy Baller

      You boast a 7 figure salary, but you don’t have proper grammar. I would much rather form coherent sentences than bask in arrogance and ostensibly humble statements. Yeah, I totally envy your smoking hot fiance and the fact that you don’t outwardly show your “inner nerd.” If I recall correctly, the title of nerd coincides with at least slight intelligence. I love pulling out my non-flagship phone that automatically deters women within a 50 foot radius of me. But hey, to each their own.

      • Zeus

        Is it necessary to have proper grammar to get 7 figure salary. It better to keep assistant who can work on grammer for 4 figure salary. R U intrested

        • mazdajdavis

          Again trust, I guess reading isn’t needed for commenting either. The sites I write for freelance for a hobby have no problem with my writing skills. A comment farm, being written on my phone isn’t a place I choose to do much more than spill what comes to mind. Which is the same thing everyone els is doing based on the quality of the comments. This is suppose to be about the article but I see attacking your betters seems to be more fun for some.

          • Trent Richards

            Haha I was actually laughing at this conversation as your grammar was killing me too, but it obviously wasn’t worth commenting on. This final comment of yours made me chime in though. First, you should actually read the comment of the person that you are accusing to have not read your own comment. They were actually siding with you by telling Sassy that good grammar is not necessary for a 7 figure income. They didn’t even state that you have a 7 figure income, but rather that good grammar isn’t needed for one. The statement that kills me most is you referring to yourself as these people’s better when you don’t know them at all. I find it laughable that the guy who doesn’t know the difference between wear and where is referring to himself as anyone’s better. In my experience, a trust fund is money that someone else earned for you. I know it wasn’t that military salary that earned it, so how does it make you anyone’s better?

          • mazdajdavis

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      • mazdajdavis

        If grammar & correct sentences in a comment section of some web site is how you determine somones value, you need to get a life that exists beyond the net.And iit’s a 7 figure trust, it earns 6 figures worth of income. I have no need for a salary, haven’t since 05.

    • You got a 7 figure Trust, I’m a CPA who also programs Android apps. I’m in need of investors, we could both make handsome profits.

      Put the money to work!

      • mazdajdavis

        My money is very safe & well invested. My money manager does a very good job. I get 6 figures worth of interest per year & sustained only about a $100 thousand dollar dip when the market crashed which quickly rebounded. While there are investments that could see my profits sore they also contain considerable risk. Im 33 ex-army& now comfortable for life. Yes the greedy part of me would love to buy new Ferraris every year but being comfortable and being able to sustain that comfort for life is more important. But thank you for the offer

        • Well, I tried. I’m cranking out some awesome apps, so I guess you can’t say I didn’t offer ;)

          One thing though, everyone needs something to keep them busy, idling with money has been a bad experience for nearly everyone I know. Why not open up a safe-bet franchise and be involved day-to-day? I think it’d make your life more meaningful.

          But, you’re living my dream as far as financial security, new motivation.

          • mazdajdavis

            I write freelance, hike, mountain bike , shoot, travel, & spend time with my fiance I stay very busy & live a very full life. I come from old money & know very well what being idle with money can do to a person. I also spent time in the Army, have a collage degree & am also a factory trained Mercedes-Benz technician so I’ve done more at 33 than most but thank you for the advice.

          • Cool, well being a CPA I see fortunes blown all the time. It’s nice to talk to someone with a decent amount of cash who doesn’t take it for granted, it’s basically freedom right…

            Ah the paradox of money and life.

          • Do ya think? People aren’t acting strange cause you’ve got money — they’re acting strange because you’re oblivious to how much of a d-bag you sound; and I mean that in the most constructively critical way possible.

            You came to make a simple comment about Android devices, pretentiously dropped references to how much money you make and how in love you are with yourself and you’re actually surprised that people don’t care what you have to say about Google Glass? Then you proceed to belittle everyone that might be interested in actually buying Glass when it comes out — why? Just because you’re not interested in it, why do you feel the need to talk smack about those that are? You know, like a good sampling of the people reading your comments. Are you still wondering why “people are acting strange”?

            Here’s a tip for next time. If you want people to read and care about your opinion about some tech, leave out the bits about how rich you are, how insanely good looking you think you are and probably a good idea to leave off the fact that you write freelance for websites as a hobby. In fact, just don’t do any of that pretentious a-hole d-baggery and just concentrate on the topic at hand. If you’re actually a writer, this shouldn’t be so hard.

            Know what? If you follow my advice, I bet almost nobody at all will care a lick about your poor grammar while writing on your flagship mobile.

            You’re welcome.

          • mazdajdavis

            I’m sorry did you say something? I couldn’t hear you through your mother’s basement door.

          • thtguyukno

            I call b.s. on mazda and his big income. he’d be rocking more than a smith and wesson and an oldsmobile alero! not to mention the rock candace has would be a bit bigger. stop being a big boy on the internet. keep living the apartment life and goto work like the rest of us.. the dream is just a dream son

    • dogulas

      Some things are worth more than the sum of their parts. A lot more.

    • Have you used them yet?

  • OleBrom

    Can it be used with prescription glasses ?

    • philnolan3d

      Yes, one of the users in the G+ Community for it wears it with her glasses. I was asking her if she had any trouble with the frame blocking her view of the screen and she said no, though she does have oval shaped frames

  • Chalin

    wont pay anything more than $300. §average consumer…

    • Guest

      Lol i just watched your video not long ago. Nice show m8 :)

      • Chalin


  • App8ite

    Given the low end specs, lack of features and the fact Glass must be tethered to a phone I wouldn’t pay more than $300! If a future model has full AR, Wifi, Data and calling and doesn’t need to be tethered then $400-$600 great with me.

  • philnolan3d

    Why would anyone be surprised at this price? They said it would cost about bthe same as current gen smart phones.

    • needa

      that is seven hundo. not two.

  • Luka Mlinar

    Higher then 299? I’m out.

  • CollectiveFuturist

    We have set up a predictive wiki for the question of Google Glass’s future retail price. Now need a few opinionated users to trade in the embedded prediction market for a better forecast. From 15 participants upwards, predictions get pretty good, usually.

  • needa

    “lets not get ahead of ourselves here”.

    kinda like the moto x.

  • Matthew Wypyszinski

    i could not see myself paying much more than 300$ for something that is on a whole less useful and powerful than my cellphone right now (hence why i dont have a tablet since i could not rationalize both my s4 and a tablet since they both accomplish the same thing)

  • End in sight

    I would consider $149 and not a penny more. I figure I would probably wear for a week and then put them in a corner, anyway.

  • Jun Hong

    While it is a very cool idea and I would just LOVE to get it for free, but $299 is still a bit too much for this little device, if it had data/phone (2g,3g,and 4g) that uses your phone’s data/call limits i would totally buy this for $350 max without contract