Google Gives Away Exclusive White Galaxy Tabs at I/O Conference

by: glennMay 11, 2011

While I’m happy for the attendees of the Google I/O Conference who will each be receiving a new limited-edition white Galaxy Tab 10.1, I can’t help but be sad that I can’t get one.

That’s 5,000 tablets all in all for every lucky attendee and was the announcement that received the most applause. Google has been very generous to attendees of its conferences with giveaways. The search company has previously given away Nexus Ones, HTC EVOs, Chrome OS-packed CR-48s and Motorola Xooms.

While this Tab certainly doesn’t boast anything different versus the upcoming regular black one, it’s still a nice catch. In fact, scouting eBay for I/O swag has revealed that people are more than willing to pay above market price for these goodies, with bids going for $1000 and up.

This new giveaway means that Google is now shifting gears, concentrating more on tablets as opposed to smartphones. The iPad is still, unfortunately, at the top of the heap when it comes to tablets, boasting both the marketshare and mind share to back it up. If you ask around, the iPad is what people think of when it comes to tablets, not the Galaxy Tab, Xoom or any other Honeycomb device out there.

Google also announced that it will be updating Honeycomb to 3.1 and while the Xoom is getting this early (as in right now early) the Galaxy Tab has to wait for a couple of weeks to get its due.

One of the thinnest tablets around, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 boasts one of the largest tablet screens to date for Android and carries a dual-core 1GHz processor. Like its predecessor, it will come in 3G and WiFi-only variants and has built-in storage ranging from 16GB to 64GB. It also goes toe-to-toe with the iPad’s extremely long battery life, packing 6800mAh worth of juice. It will be available in retail on June 8.

  • badfinger

    but i read all over the web today that it was samsung who was giving away the 5,000 galaxy 10 tab and not google as glenn here is posting. which of them indeed was the very generous giver?

  • Both of them actually are the generous givers, though it’s been traditionally credited to Google.

  • Are you 100% there will be no differences between 10.1 S.Edit. and retail model?
    1. As far as I know new 10.1 is supposed to have sd card support – spec edit model does not have one.

    2. All spec. edit. tabs have Tegra 2 inside – if so why is not Samsung cofirming this with the retail model… instead since CITA we only hear about 1Ghz CPU… why all this secrecy?

    3. Plus software on spec. edit tab (check boot screen) says it is 10.1v not just 10.1. One could say it is not much difference but I would see it as a spec edit model model being “sort of a hybrid” between the 2.

  • Lucky dogs! It’s certainly a nice tablet–more a direct competitor to the iPad but I still like the Asus Transformer form factor a whole lot more. I can’t wait till the second gen Transformers hit the market.