Will Google’s Galaxy Nexus be first to receive Jellybean?

by: Ankit BanerjeeApril 27, 2012

Google has been conducting a re-launch of sorts of its flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. With 4G LTE variants already available on Verizon and releasing soon for Sprint, an unlocked GSM version of the device is now available for sale on the US Play Store for just $399. As a reminder, the specifications of the device include:

  • 4.65″ Super AMOLED display
  • 1.2 Ghz OMAP 4460 dual-core processor
  • 720×1280 resolution
  • 16GB internal storage, 1GB RAM
  • 5MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera
  • 1750 mAH battery

Since it is an unlocked, no-contract version, buyers can use Google’s Galaxy Nexus on either AT&T’s or T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network. Only available in the US for now, Google has plans to expand its Devices offering to other markets soon.

Ever since news broke about Google’s second venture into retail land, Android fans have been praising the fact that this variation of the Galaxy Nexus will be updated directly by Google. It’s no secret that Android updates have been sluggish, especially in the US. At least officially, that’s due to the network testing required before carriers can release the updates to devices on their network. Since the Google GNex isn’t tied to any carrier, the updates will come from Google itself, hopefully in a timely manner.


But rumors indicate that there might me more than meets the eye behind this story. As Android and Me’s Dustin Earley speculates, the GSM Galaxy Nexus might be the first device to receive the update to the next iteration of Android, codenamed Jellybean.

While the Android 4 rollout is just now picking up speed, we’ve already heard a lot of chatter about Google announcing Jellybean as early as June, at its annual Google I/O event. Adding fuel to the rumor mill is a crash report received by AndroidPolice, courtesy of an established developer on the Google Play Store, Yuku Sugianto. The crash report suggests that a “takju” variant of the Galaxy Nexus (now confirmed as Google’s newly released unlocked GSM version) was running Jellybean. It’s highly possible that Google is testing its latest OS version in the wild. You can view the complete crash report and analysis here.

If the report is real, it’s likely that Google’s GSM Galaxy Nexus will be one of the first devices to receive the Jellybean update. Along with the specs and the price point, this possibility makes the device that much more attractive. Of course, crash logs and reports can be faked easily, but in this case, it might be something more than wishful thinking on our part. All we can do is hope for the best.

What are your thoughts? Will you be buying the unlocked GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus?

  • Level380

    This is just common sense….

    Google said it will do 2 releases a year of the os. So the last one was 5 months ago. So the next one is only just around the corner. So yep jelly bean is coming.

    As was the case with ics the old nexus got ics at the same time that the new one did. Also as there is normally only one nexus release a year I doubt we will see a new phone release for jelly bean

    • Cjgrandprix

      Will the current Galaxy Nexus be updateable to Jelly Bean? Or will only the new “nexus” products be able to handle it?

      • Level380

        Google wanted to release ICS for the Nexus one phone, but due to internal storage space issues (ie not enough!) they didn’t release it.

        ICS was released for the new Galaxy nexus and the older Nexus S device, Jellybean should be rolled out to both again. Basically if your device can run ICS it should be able to run Jelly bean.

        Looking at the current crop of phones coming out of HTC/Samsung etc, you would expect all these phones should be spec’d to run ICS/Jellybean and these specs are the same as the nexus galaxy/nexus s devices. ie single core, 512mb of ram and up (most being dual core and 1gb)

  • Paulo8200

    bla bla bla. I dont even have the 4.0.4 and now they talking about jelly bean

    • Jagson

      Major OS updates for Android are done annually, what do you mean not even 4.0.4? Why not pay attention?

      • wilks79

        A 0.0.1 update would not be considered ‘major’ there, lil buddy.

    • Rovkeyrahul43

      You are right dear they are making people full even we dont have ics in india and they are talking about jelly bean.

  • tat2jr

    I wish I could use it with my $25/month (grandfathered) virgin mobile plan.

  • AndroidBrian

    Damn I was so on the fence about getting this phone and selling my gs2. But no gorilla glass and no SD card slot and the fact my data will slow down a bit makes me wonder if I should really get it or not. But if this phone gets jelly bean might just be the tilt I needed to buy the phone.

  • guest

    Immediately ordered one – before this jellybean article – now I feel like a genius ;-)

  • guest

    These updates a great – I have a nexus one, a (wifi) xoom and have now ordered a google galaxy nexus.

    1. my xoom (purchase in march 2011) becomes a new and better tablet with each update – I am on 4.04 now and have had ICS since January. I want to buy a prime but I am still having too much fun with the xoom. And my laptops just sit in the house waiting for someone to use them – the tablet is so much easier.

    2. the nexus one will now be my range finder for the golf course and 911 access in emergencies while I am driving. I was disappointed when it was announced it would not get ICS.

    3. my google galaxay nexus may be as pleasant as my xoom if it gets jellybean early – and a few good years of updates as a followup.

    And since I keep most of my data in the google cloud – I use less than 10Gb on each of my devices ;-)

  • olbp

    You mean to say it doesn’t have JB already?

  • Spear0209

    I bought one and I’m gonna sell my tmobile gs2

    Its been 6 months and the galaxy s2 doesn’t have ics, its falling too far behind

    I’m also really don’t like bloat ware running in the background or the silly UI overlays that prevent me from getting updates

  • Lawrence Hufty

    I own a DroidX. I really enjoy being Android, but recently bought an iPhone 4s for my wife. What I don’t like about being on Android is the pathetic updating out of Verizon, and most likely all the carriers. When Apple rolls out an update, it’s ready to go. I want to buy a Razr Maxx, and there are rumors of ICS in June….. but it seems to be a crap shoot. As much as I don’t want to, I will most likely make the switch to iPhone 5 when it comes out, if for no other reason than for the consistency.

  • Mamoon Noorestani

    I’m buying an AT&T HTC One X or the Samsung Galaxy S3. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus didn’t meet my needs in terms of specifications. But the external’s of the smartphone are good.

  • Paulosilva8200

    what atention Jagson, you trying to be smart, n1, i will not root my phone, when goggle says that will not be responsible for it in case of mad cow bad luck error,
    flashing, the same way.
    on top of that, why should i learn how to install an update when this is all fixing updates, for a new version update, google have the right to do that, for fixing, ota download should be avaible, any way, wish the best luck for jelly bean and the nerds out there, just hope that they dont give a date now, because at this moment android users,know that if google mean 3 months, you multiply that by 4, and vuaaaaaaaaaaaaaa la,

  • Galaxy Nexus, RAZR, maybe Rezound, definitely the new HTCs (although that’ll take a while for Sense 5.0).

  • Lucaswykes

    Already have one
    Best phone hands down
    a phone isn’t as good as its hardware, its the support that makes or breaks a phone
    G nexus GSM is the way to go!!