Google Fiber reportedly coming to Austin, Texas after press conference next week

by: Brad WardApril 5, 2013


Google Fiber has been met with great success in Kansas City, so much so that the service could be expanding. According to VentureBeat, Google and the City of Austin are sending out invites to a press conference next week for “a very important announcement.”

As Slash Gear mentions, since Google is collaborating with a city government body, it is assumed that one of the things that could be in the works is Google Fiber. This has not been confirmed, of course, but it seems that it is highly possible considering that Austin, Texas is a tech-based city.

Google’s announcement will take place on April 9 at 11 a.m, and “more than 100 community leaders and elected officials to be in attendance to celebrate this announcement.” Unless Google is handing out a pair of Google Glass’ to all of the elected official, it seems that all the signs point to a Google Fiber rollout.

Regardless, the announcement is only less than four days away, so it won’t be long until we hear something official. Let’s just hope this isn’t some mean and delayed April Fools day joke.

  • Please please please include Kyle, Google!

  • Eric

    I like Google Fiber and how their pushing for High Standers regarding Speed and Reliability but hope that they may make Privacy a Priority too.

    But I have also wondered how long it may take for Google to implement the New Tech. regarding Fiber Optics (Coiled Beams Of Light) Which can Send 100 Terabits Per Second!!
    Imagine that

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    would somebody please include indie