Google expanding Google Fiber services to Olathe, Kansas

by: Ankit BanerjeeMarch 20, 2013


After more-than-positive responses received by Google, the company is now planning to expand its Google Fiber service outside of Kansas City. The lucky city? Olathe, Kansas, a KC suburb with a modest population of around 128,000. In a blog post, Rachel Hack, Google Fiber community manager, announced that the Olathe city council approved a plan to bring Google’s internet and video service to their city.

Similar to the procedure followed by Google in Kansas City, the Olathe city website mentions that the Olathe Google Fiber network will be built by demand, which means that neighborhoods which meet pre-registration goals first will get access to the service first. The city will also receive 5% of the gross revenue earned by Google as a “franchise” fee.

Of course, this expansion is in its very early stages, and as mentioned in the blog post, still requires a lot of planning and engineering work. An expected schedule of the rollout is still unavailable. Google is also hopeful that this is the first of many similar announcements  in and around the KC metro area. Also mentioned is the fact that this expansion will not affect any current plans of continuing to build the network in Kansas City, Kansas, and Central Kansas City, Missouri.

This is just a small step, but is an indication that Google does plan to expand and grow its Google Fiber network, and while the entire process is time-consuming and very expensive, it is likely that Google Fiber could eventually grow to become a nationwide network. As a recap, the various plans for Google services include a $120 1Gbps internet service plus tv services package, $70 gets you just the internet connection, and a $300 down payment will give you access to a 5Mbps internet connection for free.

It’ll take a while, but the increasing availability of Google Fiber is slowly going to threaten the existence of established ISPs and cable operators, and we can only hope that this serves as a reminder for them to step up their game.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited about the fact the Google Fiber is slowly but steadily picking up speed? If you live in the Kansas City area and use Google Fiber services, do share your experiences in the comments section below.

  • I’m not lucky enough to be in the KC markets, but I am hopeful (but not expectant) that G-Fiber will kick-start a broadband change in this country. We need it with major markets still stuck at less than 1MB upload and 15MB Download… Wireless in some areas is currently faster than wired broadband, that should NEVER be the case…

    • come to australia, currently the fastest you get in most areas is a max of 1MB Download 256K upload

    • Sadly in my town the best available is TWC who over charges and under delivers. At least when I lived in Arlington TX I was able to get Uverse. I miss fiber optics :-( Please hurry to the greater Austin area Google!

  • Eric

    I hope Google Fiber makes competitors step up their game, but I also hope That Google Fiber will make Anonymity/Customer Privacy a #1 priority……..

  • Howie C

    Keep going! I’m ready!

  • Cory

    I would love for them to put a poll out and pick the next city to be upgraded based on a request to population ratio, and which ever city has the highest percentage making the request wins. See which city really wants it next.