Google Fiber is not just another experiment, instead it’s “a great business to be in”

by: Adam KoueiderJune 1, 2013

Google Fiber

You’re probably thinking that at $70 a month, and with an offer of Gigabit speeds, Google Fiber is another one of Google’s incredible experiments to see what would be possible if we were all connected to the internet at breakneck speeds. However, Google, in typical Google fashion, has decide that Fiber isn’t just another science experiment, instead it’s actually “a great business to be in.”

[quote qtext=”We expect to make money from Google Fiber, this is a great business to be in.” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”left”]

That was the official statement that Milo Medin, vice president of access services, gave at the Fiber-to-Home Council meeting stated on Wednesday. Now you’re thinking, what, I pay almost double that and I still don’t get anywhere near Gigabit speeds.

Well the project has been made possible by the partnership of Google and the cities that it is building the Fiber network for. By keeping the costs of rolling out the network as low as possible, Google can then afford to offer blazing fast internet at an affordable price.

But there’s also a bit of bad news. Once Google completes installing Fiber in one location, it moves on to the next, meaning that customers who aren’t completely bought on the idea when it rolls around to their area of the neighbourhood, might not get another chance for a long time.

[quote qtext=”If you miss out on that installation, we may not get back to you for a long time.” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”left”]
You know what that means Austin residents, with Fiber headed to you very soon, you should pick up that pen and sign that agreement form, you might not get another chance for a while.

Our very own Nate Swanner has an interview with the Fiber team next week, and we’ll be sure to ask Google on its plans for the future of Fiber.

Now all I need is for Google to start expanding to other areas even faster, so I’ll start the bidding at $110 a month, anyone prepared to make a bigger offer?

  • Jimbo

    OK, I know it is gigabit speeds, but especially because I assume you are talking about USD; it’s unbelievable that you think $110 a month is reasonable (also assuming you aren’t willing to pay much more than what you are currently on).

    • Adam Koueider

      Unfortunately that’s the world we live in, I currently pay (well partly pay, flatmates are awesome) closer to $200 a month for cable TV, Internet broadband and home phone.

      It definitely isn’t reasonable and I probably would be hard pressed to afford it, but hey it’s GIGABIT speeds, I’d kill for speeds like that, plus I know a lot of people who’d pay a lot more than that for gigabit speeds.

      To each their own is what I say.

    • Actually it’s very reasonable in today’s market, at the same scale cost it would cost $1500 to get those speeds, or reducing price for scale it’s still about $250 USD.Mo Value…

      Currently many providers in the US are offering 50Mbps for $70-$90USD, so 20x the speed for roughly the same cost is a very good deal..

      Sadly we don’t live in an ideal world where internet is so cheap and pervasive that we don’t see/feel the costs, hopefully soon, but right now internet access is still a luxury and we pay to have it…

  • mali

    Ya fuck that.. In Kansas.. It was $30 for 12 months.. Or $300 and that was the payment for life.. I’m not paying $70 either! Fuck you lol

    • Sorry I know in hickville they are still running dail up, but their are plenty of us that would gladly pay 70 a month for those types of speed, and I rather give my money to google, than any other internet provider. So please don’t pretend your getting anything over 1mbs with paying 30 bucks in a 12 month period.

      • mali

        For one I don’t live in hickville Kansas.. 2 I’m a Google fan.. Own nexus 4 and 7.. 3. In just stating what Google fiber original plans were..which wasn’t to make money but to destroy competition.. 4. At least in the big city where I live.. We get Google fiber! So suck that.. 6. Its also about what’s best for the consumer.. What good is a gigabit.. If I’m already going fast enough for less?.. Don’t gete wrong.. $50 for 12mgs of speed vs $70 for 1gigbit.. The math says go to Google.. But also I’ve never had problems. I’d like a gigabit.. But it does kinda upset me when Google promises one thing then does the next.

        • Justin Rebar

          Kansas City is not “hickville” dumbasses @Josh & @mali

        • I believe you are misinformed or misunderstanding the price plans. 300 for at least 7 years of service at 5mbps down and 1mbps up. That is the same deal they were doing in KC. As for the 70 per month for 1gbps connection, that is the same price as KC as well.

    • That’s only for 5mbps down 1Mbps up, so if you’re only checking email and surfing the web you can still get “free” internet after paying the $300 lump sum or $25 per month for 12 months (They guarantee at least 7 years on the free service)…. That Never Changed…

      The 1,000Mbps (1Gig) will cost you $70, or $0.07 per Mbps… Or of course you can join Time Warner, get 50Mbps and pay $75 in Kansas City….

  • spectremANDROID

    I’d lobe to have this spleen at home and while I understand that such speed IS a value at the price, the price is still WAY out of range for me. I guess that, like many things in this world, it’s simply not for everyone.

    • philnolan3d

      Remember that price is for internet plus “cable” TV as well.

      • spectremANDROID

        Yeah. I didn’t know that when I posted, but just after, I saw the article about new channels being added to the service. That’s EXCEPTIONALLY competitive!

        • CoolCustomer

          Yeah that also includes a Nexus 7 tablet as your “remote” and 1 TB (maybe even 2TB) of cloud storage and DVR

          • spectremANDROID

            Sounds all the more enticing.

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  • Here’s a Quick comparison of just internet Costs in my area, these show that $110 is in fact reasonable for Gigabit speeds… In fact if many of the existing carriers in my area scaled their prices gigabit would cost at least a thousand dollars per month

    $54/Mo 18Mbps AT&T (Uverse Internet Only) 250GB data cap/Mo

    $90/Mo 50Mbps Wowway (Internet Only) No known data cap

    $75/Mo 50Mbps Time Warner (Internet Only) Unadvertised 250GB data cap/Mp

    $45/Mo 15Mbps Insight Communications(Internet Only) (Bought by TW Cable but on separate networks currently) No known Data Cap

    $50/Mo 10Mbps Clear (WiMax Wireless Broadband) No Known Data Cap

    Even at the Best Price per Mbps Gigabit (1,000Mbps) would cost $1,500 per month on that cost scale… Even using a Diminishing costs scale (the higher the speed the less cost per Mbps) the cheapest 1Gbps line would cost roughly $250/Mo… (Thats assuming a cost reduction per Mbps factor of 83.44`% for economy of scale also roughly what the pricing has been doing as speeds increase in my area) That’s still higher than even the $110 mentioned in the article, and I guarantee there would tons of people thrilled to get Gigabit speeds for $250…

    So Yes, at $110 Gigabit speeds are more than worth it, especially including cable, every single one of the cable providers (Clear is internet only) have cable packages that push their prices near the $150-$200 mark when “bundled” with Cable… As a Reference my Area is Central Ohio…. $70 1Gbps internet is a cost of $0.07 per Mbps while today’s best prices are $1.50 per Mbps…

    Just my 2 Cents…

  • amine ELouakil

    American internet prices = such a rip of in my opinion, here in europe you get the maximum your line is allowing you to if you are connected to fiber optic line you’ll get over 100mb/s if you are on adsl, you’ll get up to 25mb if you are connected to cable it should be between 30 and 70 mb/s and all this at a fixed price, for example here in France you get triple play service for 33Euros that includs TV (hundreds of channel) telephone with unlimited calls to several countries and locally of course and the internet

    • Andreas Mikarlsen

      Pleas tell me more about those europen countrys, love to see you naming the prices from norway.

      • Amine

        What’s up with Norway? despite being the most expensive country in europe you can get Triple Play fiber optic connection for 55€s and 20mb adsl for 25 and I remind you that in europe price included VAT and all taxs

      • Szabadember

        Hungary: 25€ / month for unlimited 120Mbit connection

      • amine ELouakil

        France 35€/month for 100mb/s-200mb/s depending on your location if you have fiber optic connection

    • Amadeus Klein

      They are far more expensive in the US, part of that cost is the fact that we have such a large area to cover. There are large portions of the country where Dial-up is still the go to standard because traditional cable/DSL providers do not deliver. Personally I think that the cost is so much higher here is because it costs so much more to develop the infrastructure because our existing systems are having to be replaced/upgraded along with adding the new features… And the Companies are all in it for the profit now, not profit later…

  • Timmy

    As I understand it, Google looks to see what neighborhoods have petitioned to have it and may skip some that don’t show an interest in it. If you live in a smaller neighborhood (or one with people that don’t care one way or the other), it seems you may be out of luck. For any of the KC residents, did this happen to anyone?

    I’m in Austin and look forward to getting Fiber when it starts rolling out next year. Being in a smaller neighborhood close the edge of the county (Travis/Hays), I don’t know how many of our residents would have to indicate an interest for Google to provide service.

    • I take it you actually live in Austin. I live in Kyle and already know that I won’t be in the first wave. I am very hopeful that once they start pushing to the surrounding suburbs like they are ramping up for around KC, that Kyle will have shown enough interest.