Google patent reveals a dual e-ink device, reminiscent of Microsoft Courier

by: Andrew GrushFebruary 7, 2014


A new Google patent has surfaced showing off a dual-screened e-ink device that has the capability to fold like an actual book. As you can see, the design not only has two displays, it also is equipped with a camera.

If the design seems somewhat familiar, that’s because it is not the first electronic device we’ve seen to try such an approach. Microsoft’s eventually-cancelled Courier tablet also had a two-screen design, though Courier was said to utilize LCD display technology.

Microsoft’s Courier device never fully got off the ground, but such a design does have potential. Not only does it have a feel that’s more book-like, the camera in Google’s patent could potentially be used to track your eye movement and automatically flip the pages to the next set.

Sure, such a product might not be necessary, but it’s still a pretty cool re-imagining of the typical e-reader device. So any chance that Google will actually build such a device? While there’s always the possibility, Google constantly files new patents that never actually end up in use, so we wouldn’t read too much into this just yet.

Still, if such a design did come to be, we imagine there would be more to it than just acting as a typical e-reader. More than likely the device would not only have Google Play Books integration, but we wouldn’t put it past Google to create some kind of instant ‘casting’ feature as well.

Of course, for now, such a device remains nothing more than a pipe dream. What do you think, if the price were right, would you be interested in a dual-screen e-ink reader or do you feel that the design is largely unnecessary? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • parrot

    I actually like the book-like design, but people probably found it impractical, otherwise we already seen similar setup from amazon or apple.

  • Jayfeather787

    This looks awesome for e books. It would be like holding an actual book, which I want. Hope it is priced well.

  • Android Developer

    How could such a general idea be a patent? What if I had an idea of 3 e-ink screens ?
    Could it also be a patent?

    • Jacob

      That’s exactly how patents work these days. If you are an inventor, you should read books as thick as encyclopedia before bringing your idea a to work. It doesn’t protect intellectuals. It’s actually a trap.

      There are bunch of lawyers that hire experts in each field, pay them a little, and ask them to write down any idea that can be built in the future. Then they just wait until a real inventor makes that idea real and puts his/her leg in that trap. That’s when those lawyers make billions from nothing. Google “Intellectual Ventures”.

      • Android Developer

        but isn’t there any group of people who thinks if such a thing can be patented?

        This is a very general idea…
        is it really all just about 2 e-ink screens? it just can’t be true…

  • disqus_lFPmeywrEZ

    A sketchpad comes to mind.

  • willstar