Google Drive developer features added, including app data folders

by: Bogdan BeleApril 5, 2013


New Google Drive developer features have been announced on the Google Drive blog, allowing for the service to be used in a safer way by app developers.

It seems Googles does not want Google Drive to be just a regular file storage service, and this is proven even more by the new developer features that were announced on the Drive blog. This comes after an earlier-announced feature that allows the hosting of simple websites. The first feature to be added, called app data folders, allows developers to store application data in Drive folders that only the app can access.

That way, situations where the user accidentally deletes data (like configuration files, for example) and compromises the functioning of the app can be avoided. Users can see how much data the app is using, though.

The second Google Drive developer feature that was announced also caters to developers. This involves the possibility for apps to add custom properties to Drive files, with said properties stored as key/value pairs on the file. That way, the app can create searchable fields, which can be available only to itself, or to other apps, too. That way, a document’s status can be followed as it is reviewed.

If you’re an app developer, will these features be useful to you?

  • Jacob Markussen

    If this can used to make sure data is the same in the same app across many devices it could be awesome. Everything from settings to e.g. game scores or progress could be saved in Drive and reflected on all your devices. Would be awesome!

  • Omar Almadani

    It would be good for have features and settings saved on the drive, that way a user could have same setting across various devices, or to be used as either a back up or for transforming to a new phone