Google and Dish Network strike a deal to make their own wireless service

by: Joe HindyNovember 18, 2012

Dish Network

Wireless services haven’t always been good to Google. Most devices have Google Wallet blocked. Out of the four major carriers, Sprint is the only one with Google Voice support. Verizon and Sprint Nexus devices had to delay updates from Google for quality assurance. It hasn’t been pretty.

Well all that may be coming to an end. Google and Dish Network have struck a deal to create their own wireless service. According to 9 to 5 Google, Dish Network has been looking to do something with the wireless spectrum they purchased a couple of years ago.

The details are sparse. However, it has at least been confirmed that it’s actually happening. However, 9 to 5 Google reports that development plans have been underway for some time. A potential release for the wireless service could be as early as 2013. Paired with Google’s Google Fiber project, this will give Google a lot more control over ISP service, TV service, and wireless service.

How will Google and Dish Network services be different?

For fans of Google, there will be a number of good changes. As mentioned, Google Wallet won’t be blocked anymore. 9 to 5 Google reports that most of the services will be handled by Google Voice. That means the entire service would be data only, with voice and text services being handled by VoIP services.

How the services and pricing will work is still among the details that are under wraps. However, considering that it’ll be a data only service, the pricing will likely be much more simple than conventional carrier pricing. It could very well be cheaper as well.

So what is everyone’s thoughts on this? Would a nationwide Google and Dish Network service be good competition for the big four in the US? Or will they likely end up like the smaller companies? Let us know what you think.

  • rsanchez1

    There’s been a lot of speculation that Apple has been thinking about doing this, and Google beat them to the punch.

    I’ll reserve judgment until it launches, but I certainly hopes it gives the major carriers a run for their money.

  • I’m very excited for this. I doubt I’ll move from my T-mobile family plan but the competition will be great for the wireless industry. Verizon and ATT have been nickel and diming customers for far too long. I wish I could do most things through Google

  • dwnhiller

    Sign me up! I for one would love to support the slapping of the faces of the big for by the mighty hand of google

  • Jei Arc

    i hope this causes verizon and AT&T to stop charging and arm and a leg for a gig of data.

    hopefully this will spill into tv services!!!!!
    In any case sign me up

  • I’m in!

  • Justin W

    Hopefully this isn’t released only in Kansas. I would sure like to sign up for this, but not until they at least have good prices and coverage.

  • Timothy Anderson

    Even the best carriers only get data to a small percentage of where phone services is. If this is data only, wouldn’t the area where I can make a call also be limited? For example, if I were to drive through a remote location, would I even be able to place a call? … or will there be roaming deals?

    • Timothy Anderson

      Still, I am with you. I really would love to see this. There is no chance that I will renew a contract with another carrier any time soon just because of this news. I can’t wait for my contract to end now. I hate bloatware, carrier limitations, putting their own wallet service on exclusively, data share plans, having their own stinky navigation junk that you can’t get rid of, putting on only amazon app service and excluding Google play (where I have purchased a lot of stuff already), forcing manufacturers to do stuff they don’t want to, etc …, …. I am totally sick of the current carriers and the way they try to control everything instead of giving their customers choices. I will leave in a heartbeat and never, if this turns out to be true. I hope this shakes the industry to its core. I know Google will dominate this space, given a chance. No more rules being dictated to them and the consumer.

      • Ryan

        I’m with you, Timothy! Right now I’m with sprint because they show the most support for Google, but I’d leave in a heartbeat! Considering the networking, since it will only be data we can assume there will be distinct differences. First of all, Google has the capability to create it’s own data hardware through Motorola which will severely decrease the cost for equipment. In addition to that, they will be able to decrease the cost of manufacturing. Since Google isn’t bothering with unreliable telephony services, they will easily be able to build a data infrastructure that has the fastest speeds possible with reliability that cannot be toppled! This will also allow them to focus more on a reliable network instead of just the ” numbers of millions covered”. This is all speculation, but Google wouldn’t enter into something without already having a successful plan of action.

  • aholsteinson

    This will be amazing and I think it is the next logical step for Google. Having their own carrier fits the company like a glove.

  • Angel Rivera

    Now all they have to do is purchase metropcswhich already has some spectrum using voice over lte (voice over data) and can blow all the other carrier’s out the box and making them drop data charges

  • On a Clear Day

    If they are able to provide comparable service to the big four with similar coverage areas I would certainly give it a try. I much prefer Google’s business model and behavior over that of the current crop of carriers with their confusing labyrinths of charges for this that or something always seemingly hidden away until their Öh my God!” bills arrive.

  • Anthony Benel

    Why does your title say a ” strike a deal”? Nothing had been leaked to suggest any deal was done. More like talks are underway.

  • If they have good unlocked plans then I will be happy

  • Alu Zeros

    Depends on signal of its national coverage

  • Bruce Gavin Ward

    ‘nationWide won’t do canadians any good; when is “global” going to to sink in?
    globalGoogle; has a ‘ring’ to it, eh? [national everything is a prehistoric throwback.]

  • FUCK YEAH! but dammit google if you take my walking dead away again, we will riot.

  • John Alvarez

    I hope this is true and it goes live in 2013. I have been with all four major carriers in the United States and I cannot say I am pleased with any of them (for various reasons). I hope Google shakes things up and makes the other carriers rethink how they do business. Besides upsetting the other carriers, I would love to sign up for Google wireless because I already use a lot of their services. Get Google wireless and Fiber my way and I would be in heaven. Down with the big telecoms.

    • Ryan

      There is no doubt this service is going to change everything about wireless services! I am all too excited for this to happen. I’ve always said that if Google were to ever become a wireless carrier, they would easily be the best in the world! Google, bring this service to Chi-town and I’ll be the first to sign up!

  • poop master

    Joe Hindy Ima boop you head and poop on your chest and u will smile

  • Shut up and take my money…

  • If that would happen Google would get so much support from their fans that they will be popular.

  • As long as they provide good coverage and plans (Unlimited Talk, Text, Web), I’m up for it.

  • JG

    I think it could be advantageous or Google-Dish to partner with T-Mobile (or buy them out completely if they’re still up for sale)… I’m thinking this for two reasons. First, while Dish has some frequency bandwidth, T-Mobile also has some. If we combine the two, that should help with network congestion, and allow for a cleaner/faster connection – right… Secondly, I’d imagine trying to get cities to re-zone an area to set up a cell tower will be a difficult and expensive task. While it may be the smallest of the “Big Four”, T-Mobile already has towers set up nation wide. Google can invest capital to help T-Mobile upgrade to an LTE network that works on both Dish & T-Mobile’s frequencies. Then they only need to focus on areas where T-Mobile has no coverage. Get a few towers set up in those areas and before you know it, T-Mobile is dissing Verizon with the “We’ve got a mapp for that” type ads…