May 29, 2008
Android presentation at Google IO

Android presentation at Google IO

Yesterday at the Google IO developer conference, Andy Rubin and some other folks from Google ran a demo of the latest and greatest version of the Android platform running on a mysterious piece of hardware that could be the HTC Dream. The Google guys refused to name the device, citing an NDA, but they did mention that it was running a Qualcomm CPU at 528MHz and used a capacitive display like that found on the iPhone.

The demo showed off a number of new UI enhancements, including the notifications system that is linked to the status bar at the top of the display. A new clock was also shown off, as was a new app launcher. One of the more interesting new features appears to be the magnifying glass that has been added to the Webkit based Android browser. The magnifying glass makes it easier to read and deal with small buttons and text on a web page.

Check out the two videos below from the demo that were shot by our friends at AndroidCommunity.

Darcy LaCouvee
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