Google sends Microsoft cease and desist letter for Windows Phone YouTube app for lack of ads

by: David GonzalesMay 15, 2013

Microsoft vs Google
Based on the portrayal of Google in one of Microsoft’s more recent TV ads, it may look like Google is in a bind with Apple over phones, while Microsoft sits the fight out and generally just keeps enjoying its peaceful existence. However, reality could not possibly be farther from the truth.

Microsoft is currently battling with Google for the right to let users download and use a Windows Phone-based YouTube app for, well, watching YouTube videos on Windows Phone. But apparently, Google doesn’t want that. And according to an exclusive report on The Verge, Google has now issued a cease and desist letter in order to get Microsoft to stop what it’s doing at once.

Google’s demand is a simple one. As specified in the cease and desist letter that it sent to Microsoft (and addressed to Todd Brix), it just wants the Microsoft YouTube app to be taken down from the Microsoft store and that all existing installations of it should be disabled by May 22.

For its part, Microsoft has responded to Google’s demands by saying that it would be happy to cooperate with the search giant to show ads on its YouTube app, but only if Google itself offers some cooperation first. Unless this altercation gets taken care of very soon, users will keep getting caught in the crossfire between companies, which is particularly bad since there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. For now, Windows Phone users are encouraged to check out other YouTube app choices available from the Microsoft Windows Phone store unless the matter gets settled.

To read the cease and desist letter sent out by Google to Microsoft in its entirety, go to the source link below.


    Google is evil.

    • Harley22x

      I agree. They are extremely anti competitive. “I’m not making you an app, but your also not going to make your own. Because i said. Did i mention we run our business on the image of open source?”

      • Completely agree but they’re no more evil than micro$oft.

        • Harley22x

          Doesn’t matter with this subject anyways… Micrsoft and Google working together now. Just took some persistance.

      • Why does google have to make an app for every phone that Microsoft makes?
        People with microsoft phones can access youtube via their web browser.

        • Harley22x

          Thry don’t have to make one for “every phone”. But why does Microsoft have to make Office applications for iOS ir Android? The online version works just fine.

          • Cao Meo

            b-c MS wants to make money of course, do you think MS wants to help any1?

          • They don’t but seeing as Microsoft Office is one of their major bread earners it’s in Microsoft’s best interest if they want to survive.

          • Harley22x

            I will bet Microsoft will survive just fine without office on Android and iOS. Microsoft isn’t going to die because office wasn’t on Android. But on the other hand, is Microsoft telling developers of Android and iOS to remove office applications, or apps based off of the web version of office?

          • Microsoft’s app blocks ads as I understand it. Google has every right to say that Microsoft can’t do that. Anticompetitive? Have you seen the insane number of Scroogled videos that Google allows to reside on YouTube?

          • Harley22x

            The API that google makes available doesn’t support adds to begin with. YouTube must make their own application in order to havr ads. Microsoft didn’t “Block” the ads, they simply don’t have the API to habe ads to begin with.

          • Harley22x

            Have* holy, my auto correct doesn’t work well with that word apparently…

          • The Web version has ads which of course is where Google makes money. They have every right to stop Microsoft from making a YouTube app that will rob them of ad views from people using Windows Phone. This is no different from Microsoft not putting Ms Office on Android and iOS. It is their product and they are free to dictate what platform it is one else and how that platform is able to access their services.

          • Harley22x

            I have never, come across an ad in the mobile web version of youtube. Ever.

          • I literally just went to the mobile YouTube site and played the first video shown. It played an ad first.

          • Harley22x

            I just looked at a bunch… That’s weird. I just did it as well and didn’t get any. I am located in Canada but that shouldn’t matter.

          • Actually that could make the difference. You guys have different laws relating to these things. What device are you using to view them? I used my Nexus 10.

          • Harley22x

            I used my Lumia 920. But since its a Windows Phone, I’m not sure because its by Microsoft. Maybe it is the region.

          • Which browser did you use? If it was the stock browser, perhaps Microsoft blocks the ads on the Web too. Of course there is nothing Google could say about that in legal terms.

          • Harley22x

            Well yeah, i couldn’t imagine the crap that would go down if google removed videos just because they didn’t like a company. I am very certian that if Microsoft told Google that they could not have a skype client, you would be claiming anti-competitive against Microsoft. Or if they cut off hotmail, Or skydrive, bing, xbox live, or any service at that.

  • longitude

    grab it while hot!

  • Go Google!

    • Cosmin Bond

      Yes google has youtube video monopoly, also has search monopoly, android dominance etc. Google will dominate the whole world,
      which is great, i hope apple, microsoft goes bankrupt so google can
      rule the world! Google is so great that they can take all my privacy and
      sell it to whoever they want. With google world dominance there will be
      google ads everywhere! Even search will be all ads, like google product
      search is now. This will be awesome cause google ads are so much better than regular search results…

  • Nex Unit Xyber

    Google OWNS YouTube, something Microcxck WISHED they had for themselves. From my point of view they can play it however they want! Its theirs!!!! How is Microcxck even allowed to make an “app” for a Google product is just ridiculous and sad!

  • It’s all about iOS and android

  • I don’t use the Microsoft app…I use another equally good third party app on my windows phone :-) Hope they don’t make that one remove the app as well!!! If they do they need to be fair and make all third party developers on all platforms remove their youtube video viewer apps, youtube video downloader apps and youtube add blocker apps. If they aren’t fair accross the bored than you will know they are just after Microsoft….

  • About time Google stood up for it’s self go get them Google stick it to them

  • Smartphone without YouTube is n Dumbphone…no love for W8