Google Chrome update brings better spell-checking and some bug fixes

by: Bogdan BeleMarch 27, 2013


The latest Google Chrome update on the stable release channel reached version 26, with the most important change it brings being the improved spell-checker.

Namely, the “Ask Google for suggestions” feature has been significantly improved, as it now offers spelling suggestions, whether we’re talking grammar, proper nouns (if you can’t write a band name correctly, Google is there to help you), homonyms, and more.

I don’t know whether we should all be happy that, since this works in most text boxes, we’ll see less bad spelling in emails or on social networks, or this will only assist those who don’t bother to learn to spell anyway?

Chrome’s spell-checker uses the same technology that powers Google Search. If you’re not comfortable with Chrome sending everything you type to a Google server for correction, you should probably disable the feature. Anyway, you’ll be notified of the “Ask Google for suggestions” feature and you’ll be able to activate it, if you haven’t already.

The new version of Chrome also includes dictionary support for three more languages – Korean, Tamil, and Albanian, while users that add custom words to dictionaries can sync those words across their devices.

It also possible to add desktop shortcuts to different profiles in Windows, which can be very useful on shared computers, and an asynchronous DNS resolver is now available on Mac and Linux.

Speaking of the Mac version, the new spell-checking features are going to roll out “in the coming weeks” on Chrome for OS X, while users of the Windows, Linux and Chrome OS (which is not merging with Android) versions are getting it now.

The Chrome team has also included a list of bug fixes – find it on the Chrome Releases page below.

What do you think of the improvements to the spell-checking feature? Will it bring better spelling to text on the internet everywhere?

  • MasterMuffin

    I want 64 bit Chrome for Windows! Linux users have it, even Mac users have it! Other 64 bit browsers (palemoon, waterfox, icedragon) are based on Firefox and they’re really slow and just aren’t as good as Chrome :(

  • Mine won’t update to 26. I checked the Play Store just now, and it says the last update was Mar 8. My version on my phone in settings shows :(

    • BlueAce127

      This is Chrome 26 for desktop. Updates to Chrome for mobile (Android and iOS) don’t usually come at the exact same time as its desktop counterpart.

  • LOL

    The author didn’t obviously Ask Google when typing this article …. 2nd paragraph : “band” should probably be “brand”.
    LOL – Sorry, I just couldn’t resist! !!! =))

    • Jaime Larios

      No, it is correct.

  • Rod Napeda

    thanks! I wish that this will fix my lag searching bugs.