Google’s Chief Financial Officer, the guy who is responsible for balancing the company’s checkbook, just told a room full of analysts at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference that the next few phones from Motorola are going to blow. He didn’t exactly use the word “blow”, but he did say that the as yet to be announced devices will not be up to Google’s standards.

Is he insane? Slightly. When the Motorola acquisition finally went through, back in May 2012, Google had to promise to fulfill the contractual obligations that Motorola had already signed with their partners. Here’s the full quote:

“We’ve inherited 18 months of pipeline that we actually have to drain right now, while we’re actually building the next wave of innovation and product lines. We have to go through this transition. These are not easy transitions.”

Why doesn’t Google just tear up the contracts that Motorola already signed? The answer is kind of obvious if you stop and think. Who are Motorola’s largest customers? Operators. Do you really think Google wants to piss them off? Not really, because Google will need them in the future to distribute the real Motorola phones.

When are the real Motorola phones going to hit the market? Let’s do some simple math. May 2012 is when the deal closed. Add 18 months to that and you get November 2013. When does Google typically announce new Nexus phones? Around the end of the year.

We’re not implying that the next Nexus will be a Motorola phone, but it stands to reason that we’re going to see the fruits of Google’s acquisition at some point during this year.

But what about the patents, surely the CFO’s statements confirm that the Motorola purchase was purely a patent play, right? This writer is uncomfortable coming to conclusions based on disparate pieces of information that may or may not be related. We really need to see what Google’s “X Phone” is all about before saying anything concrete.

  • November 2013 ? That’s just sad :(

    • creeem

      I will wait I will wait for you(Motorola). I just love their phones. Its worth the wait

  • You can’t just tear up contracts, you get sued for large sums of money if you do that.

    • On a Clear Day

      Very good point. What ever happened to people realizing that you don’t just drop everything and start doing your own thing with no regard for past commitments?

      Personally, I think it would great if they did make the next super phone from Motorola a Nexus that showed all the other manufacturers what a real android phone should be like – when no compromises where allowed such as:

      1. Easy updating to new versions of Android.
      2. 4G LTE capability
      3. HD Voice
      4. A removable battery with a battery that comes with it that actually lasts; make it a little thicker for God’s sake if you must.
      5. A dual sim card – not likely I realize, but wouldn’t that be nice – not to mention make it popular in Asia.
      plus all the other niceties one likes to see like a big hi rez screen, fast as lighting processor, 2 GB of RAM, large capacity in-phone storage plus a micro SD card. I realize I am not asking for much.

      But, you must admit, wouldn’t it be loverly?

  • AndroidBrian

    Motorola Max with a 1080p screen and 13mp camera and a bad ass processor will make me skeet in my pants. Im always going to stay with a Nexus phone no matter what… But damn it will be nice to have a Nexus phone that last longer than 4 hours.

  • MasterMuffin

    I’m already drooling for the next nexus!

  • Maybe he isn’t including the Google X-Phone if it isn’t going to have Motorola branding? Many wouldn’t buy LG Optimus phones, but would have no qualms about a Nexus 4 as they see the Nexus branding in a totally different light.

  • Maybe he’s just playing some reverse psychology, so that people will be ‘wow’-ed because they don’t place a high expectation on it.

  • its all about the locked bootloaders for me. Im on Verizon so I know thats an uphill battle