Google CEO Schmidt states 200K Android devices are sold daily

August 5, 2010
Google's Android

Google's Android

According to the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, Android is now shipping on around 200,000 devices a day. That’s a million a week, even if the little green tyke takes a break for weekends. If we consider where this number lay during the past few months, Android is experiencing 330% growth since April and a 100% growth since last month (60,000 and 100,000 activations daily, respectively). These figures certainly tie in with the 886% we reported on just a few days ago.

“Trust me that revenue is large enough to pay for all of Android’s activities and a whole bunch more,” he said. “I should also say that we love the success of the iPhone because the iPhone also uses Google’s search and we get a chunk of that revenue when people search on the iPhone.”

Is that a passive dig at Apple? You decide.

[Via: CNET ]