Google Calendar app gets color labels in new update

by: Bogdan BeleMay 30, 2013

google calendar color code

The Google Calendar app for Android is the latest app from the Mountain View company to receive an update, after the last few weeks have brought us a flurry of news on this front.

Just after the Google Play app has been updated, and to go with the news about the new Gmail update still ringing in everybody’s ears, the Calendar app also got some welcome additions.

Most users will likely appreciate the ability to change the colors of the various events in your calendar in order to differentiate them from others at a glance (it looks somewhat similar to the palette in Google Keep).

Adding recurring events also offers more options now, making it easier to set them. Also, the time picker that lets you create a new event has been updated with a new design and a searchable time zone picker has been added to make things more convenient.

The new update is currently rolling out to users, so you should be getting it on your device soon enough (if you haven’t already).

  • harrold

    Stawped using this after S-Planner came out

    • Mark Camilleri

      I disabled all the S-Apps and installed the normal calendar!

  • Bazar6

    Think the new time picker will be a standard for other apps? Looks pretty interesting…

  • harrold

    Could you please make a reminder apps review of the best? I BADLY NEED ONE THX IN ADVANCE

  • i have an s3 and live in mexico. still no update for calendar and play music apps