Google Calendar app now available in Google Play

by: Robert NelsonOctober 18, 2012

Google has released another stock Android app into the Google Play Store. This latest is the Calendar app and will be available for newer devices. Well, more specifically, for devices running Android 4.0.3 or later. This release of Google Calendar brings a few new features and could also be good news for those using a device that has an alternative calendar app pre-installed.

Just to begin with, the Google Calendar app is the same in that it still syncs your online calendar with the calendar on your device. Nothing shocking in that respect. The new features include the ability to snooze events directly from a notification, the ability to pinch-to-zoom in and out of a day, the ability to set a home time zone to easier manage your calendar while traveling and predefined messages.

Lets touch on that last one for a moment. Predefined messages means you can now add quick response messages. These messages can be sent from the event notifications or from within the event itself and will really only be limited to your imagination. And for those needing a bit of help getting started, check the above screen capture.

The folks at Google also extended the sync time for Calendar. Simply put, this means you can now review events up to one year old on your device.

Finally, just like we see with the Gmail app, moving forward, this could mean more frequent updates for the Calendar app.

  • Neville Dipale

    I stumbled on the app this morning, and was really wondering why Google would release the app. After playing around with it I saw some differences between the stock and the app. Then it made sense why they released it as a separate app.

    +1 on the frequent updates part.

    • Doan

      Why does it make sense to release it as a separate app, rather than update the stock app, and release the stock app on the market?

      Now they’re supporting two different apps which are nearly identical. That’s a redundant thing to do.

  • It’s got a sweet looking widget as well.