Google seen as a more valuable brand than McDonald’s and Coke

by: Gary SimsMay 23, 2013

brandz-list-2013The Oscars equivalent for brand names, the BrandZ list of the most valuable global brands of 2013, has been published and the three most valuable brands are technology companies. Apple, Google and IBM top the charts followed by the food giants McDonald’s and Coca-Cola.

The BrandZ list, which is now in its eighth year, ranks the brands according to the views of potential and current buyers of a brand along with financial data. Although Apple remains on the top with a brand value of $185 billion, it only managed to grow 1 percent  in the last year. This could be potentially worrying as it closest real world competitor Samsung grew its brand value by 51 percent. However the Korean electronics giant still has some way to go to catch Apple and Google as it is only ranked at number 30 with a brand value of $21 billion.

Google’s brand value was actually in decline when the 2012 list was published, but this year the search giant and benevolent curator of Android grew its brand value by 5 percent to  swap places with IBM and secure the number 2 spot with a brand value of $114 billion. IBM is now number 3 with a brand value of $112 billion.

Resisting the urge to philosophize about why the three  the most valuable global brands are technology companies and why the next two are fast food related brands, it is worth noting that Microsoft is the seventh most valuable brand, having dropped two places from 2012, with a brand value of $69 billion. Amazon is 14th at $45 billion and Facebook ranks just after Samsung at 31 with $21 billion.


Showing the economic power of China, there are at least three Chinese brands in the top 40 including China Mobile (number 10 with $55 billion), China Construction Bank (at number 22 with $26 billion – more than Samsung and Amazon) and the Agriculture Bank of China (taking the 37th spot with a brand value of just under $20 billion).

What is also interesting is that Sony, LG, Nokia and HTC don’t appear anywhere in the top 100. This is an odd dichotomy in that the biggest two brands Apple and Google are technology companies with heavy interests in smartphones. They are clearly valuable brands, but other than Samsung (and Microsoft) no other smartphone manufacturer appears in the top 100. This only goes to prove Apple’s genius at marketing and Google solid position as a household name.

Does the list reflect your value of these brands? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

  • Farbod

    Just look at how much more valuable apple is from google! As much as coca cola is actually worth. Fail

    • harrold

      Google Should just buy Coca-Cola!!

    • kascollet

      Apple = Google + Microsoft :-D

      No one would have imagined that 15 years ago (or even back in 2007 when everybody was laughing at the “iPhone” rumor).

      That’s the way cycles go. Let’s bet about 2020 rankings !

      • I wonder if 15 years ago people would have thought Google would rank second on this list today. Oh that’s right Google hadn’t even been founded 15 years ago. Seems like they have come a lot further.

        • AbbyZFresh

          Google was founded in 1998. Thats 15 years ago buddy.

          • Google was founded in September of 1998. That hasn’t been 15 years yet “buddy”.

  • APai

    Google will continue to rise from here onwards, and apple might tank a bit like their stock! google is just getting better and better.

  • Allen Themba

    Well wel well…….i just cant believe what i am reading? Sony, LG, Samsung and Coca Cola are everywhere in the world you go, but dont appear in this least? These are household appliances and alll, but i suppose money talks as they say…..

    • What?! Coca Cola is 5th on the list and Samsung is 30th. LG and Sony didn’t make the list.

  • We can live well without Mcdo and Cocacola, but not without google

  • arashy

    that’s why I’m still using my old optimus one.
    it has “with Google” logo in the back.

    proud to be part of Google :)

    * I’m not proud with any fruit logo, lol

  • flamencoguy

    Top 4 or more execs (Schmidt, Page, Brin, Silverstein) at Google are either PhDs or were PhD candidates in CompSci.

    Mostly from Stanford too!

  • kabuto mhlongo

    Google is the best