Google beats Bing in malware test

by: Nate SwannerApril 12, 2013


It’s funny how Microsoft’s ‘Scroogled’ campaign seems to do more harm than good for them. First, their campaign to get users to complain about Google via twitter blew up in their face, and now there’s news regarding just what a Bing search will get you. The one thing you don’t want when doing a search is what Bing will bring you more of… and that’s malware.

In an 18-month study, German security company AV-Test tried out four different search engines. Out of those four (Google, Bing, Yandex, and Blekko), Google was the champion. With over 10 million sites tested, Google returned only 272 malicious results. The full results can be found HERE, but since we’re more worried about the Google vs. Bing comparison, we’ll concentrate there. With about the same number of websites tested, Bing returned 1,285 malicious hits. That’s right, you’re five times more likely to get malware via Bing than Google.

None of those numbers are really worthy of alarm, and really serve to illustrate just how great Google is at security. As a huge part of their business, and what got them to the position they reside in, Google is right to be so diligent about search. Microsoft really brings this attention upon themselves, with such a heavy-handed campaign aimed squarely at Google.

Now which results do you think the people in those commercials would prefer?


  • Cristi Istrate

    What is bing ? :))

    • Google it.

      • MasterMuffin

        But It’s Not Google

      • On a Clear Day

        Wiser words hardly ever were spoken Brandon!

        Microsoft and Apple remind me of the nasty kids in school who instead of trying to “play nicely” with others spent their time plotting and scheming to come up with ways to make everyone’s life hell. What’s the word? Oh I remember – bullies.

    • Allen Themba

      Its google equivalent (essential a rival), made by Microsft……

      • MasterMuffin

        Thanks captain

      • You ever wonder the question may be rhetorical ?

        • Cristi Istrate

          Some one who got the question!

      • Mikesphoneandtab

        Not necessarily. The root word of “Equivalent” is “Equal”. Bing is not Google’s “Equal”.

        • CyBrix_21

          Or maybe he is talking about the search engine…

          • Mikesphoneandtab

            It’s not even Google Searches, Chrome, Google Whatever’s equal. Lol.

          • CyBrix_21

            People are used to say… Google it!

    • great guy :P

      search engine by microsoft

      • Cristi Istrate

        Don’t you guys notice the :)) ?
        It was a rhetorical question.

  • Call me crazy but when Microsoft decided to call their search engine -“Bing” All I could do was laugh my ass off! As a child, I used to watch a lot of Hanna Barberra cartoons and a major sound effect was — “Bing Bing Bing”!
    All I could do was laugh my ass off then (although I wasn’t familiar with this expression then – call it innocence or ignorance, whatever!), and all I do now as mentioned above is continue to laugh my ass off!
    And now that it is backfiring on MS, it makes it all the more comical!

  • I think bing is nothing in compition of GOOGLE :)

    • Mikesphoneandtab

      More like a friend. They are making Google looks so good right now.

  • technology

    Blekko was the champion, not Google ;)

    • Luis

      Hmmmmm considering the blekko test had only 3 million samples and google had 11 million… you might want to do some math before posting non-sense ;)

      • Luis

        Argh no edit button –‘ nonsense*

        • MasterMuffin

          There is an edit button next to reply o.O

      • technology

        I know this, it just was a joke about apple fans. They say their system work flawless compare to android but it is doing far less so it isn’t a surprise :)

  • Omran Terro

    Google is the best :)


    Scroogled my ass :|

  • aholsteinson

    So much for “SCROOGLED”…

  • bing?

  • Google is the best. It has Good AV detection. That is the reason we still have better Gmail product.

  • ayushjain26

    I use windows phone but i hate bing