Google’s mysterious barge is actually an ‘invite-only’ product showroom

by: Andrew GrushNovember 1, 2013


Recently a set of mysterious floating barges showed up in San Francisco and Portland, Maine – both apparently connected directly to Google. As the rumors went, the barges where whispered to be either floating data centers or even floating Google Glass stores.

Now according to CBS News, a new ‘trusted’ source has come forward claiming that they’ve been aboard the vessel located near San Francisco and that the latter rumor is actually the correct one. Reportedly the project has been in the planning stages for over a year over at the Google X facility. Keep in mind that this is no ordinary retail store.

The goal here is to create a portable building that can be used to showcase special projects and upcoming products including Google Glass. Not surprisingly, the barge will only be open to “high-level VIPs”. The first three floors are said to be the showroom area, while the upper ‘deck’ will eventually feature bars and a veranda for entertaining invited guests.

So why the odd design choice? The anonymous source says that building the invite-only retail/marketing center out of shipping containers means it will be easy to break down the building. In broken down form they can relocate the showroom center to anywhere in the world via barges, rail cars or even trucks.

Although CBS says that the source is trusted, keep in mind that Google has still yet to confirm its plans, so speculation is certainly advised.

  • adam evans

    I thought the top flor was the VIP show room only

  • RanRu

    I initially misread that as “the upper deck will eventually feature bears”.

    It could have been so much cooler.

  • hungry4donuts

    more than likely be Google X Lab.

  • Darkbob

    Google has started to slide down the road towards an elitist cult. At this rate in 20 years they will be Apple.

    • Bender

      I hate to agree but yes I think they are going that way

    • The Android Enforcer

      I agree, Google pretty much controls most of the internet, it’s either play by their rules of get banned… Our google/gmail accounts are linked to so many things, and their is going to be even more integration in the near future