Google Babel web screenshots look very convincing

by: Mike StengerApril 8, 2013

Google Babel

Google Babel is an upcoming unified chat service, and new web interface screenshots could be the real deal. Techradar published several screenshots that reveal a much upgraded design from Google Talk and some new features. The hangout button is still on the top left and messages are now surrounded by a white box. There are many new emoticons to choose from ranging from smileys to animals, and even the ability to include hashtags.

Google Babel

Settings are very straightforward with the ability to enable chat notifications and save chat history. You can also archive a conversation for future use, and if you want to share photos directly, a Google+ account is required.

Google Babel

Recently, a pop-up in Gmail and Groups alluded to Babel chat functionality. Google+ user Patric Dhawaan noticed the following message after moving messages to the trash:

“All conversations have been moved to the Trash. Because one or more are part of a Babel chat, these messages are still available in other Babel chat applications.”

We don’t have too many details yet on Google Babel, but here is what we know so far:

  • Access the same conversation list from anywhere
  • A new, conversation-based UI
  • Advanced group conversations
  • Ability to send pictures
  • Improved notifications across devices

Google I/O takes place May 15-17 which is when we’re expecting to hear more about Google Babel, and Eric Schmidt may even spill the beans during his talk April 15 at AllThingsD: Dive Into Mobile.

  • FRGuzman

    I don’t think the hash symbol on the screenshots is for hashtags as you point out. I guess it’s for the numbers and symbols group of emojis.

  • There are rumours about Whatsapp integration as well

  • RickRussellTX

    Meh. What I want is an app that aggregates my e-mail, SMS, MMS, Google Talk, G+ Messenger, Calendar reminders, RSS feeds, Facebook statuses, Tweets, and every other kind of notification into a unified interface that is sortable and searchable. If the individual messages kick me back out to the individual apps, that’s fine, but some core message data should be aggregated and presented in a unified view.

    Blackberry had this (mostly) correct for years, and we’re going backwards on both Android and iOS.

    • chris

      Go and build one.

      • RickRussellTX

        Yeah, but if I write up RickRussellTX’s Neato Messaging Queue, nobody is going to write to my Intents or ContentProviders — certainly Google won’t insert SMS messaging, missed phone calls, calendar reminders, Gapps messages, etc. into my application’s interfaces.

        If a universal messaging queue interface is going to work, it’s got to be part of Android, and it’s got be promulgated by Google.