Alleged leaked memo reveals more details about Google Babel

by: Bogdan PetrovanApril 10, 2013
Credit: Women using phones / Shutterstock

Credit: Women using phones / Shutterstock

More details emerged about Google’s upcoming unified messaging service. An alleged internal Google memo revealed some of the features of the app, as well as which services would be merged into Babel.

On Monday, we were treated with what appear to be the first genuine screenshots of Google’s rumored unified messaging system. Supposedly called Babel (a name that appears in the screenshots), the app will bring together Google’s disparate messaging services in a single, streamlined app to rule them all.

The folks at Droid Life have brought forward a fresh bunch of juicy details that complete the picture of Babel. The source of the information is an internal memo that someone in Google’s team supposedly made public. In other words, treat it with caution until official confirmation.

Here are the most important leaked details:

  • Babel will sync across devices and platforms: Android, iOS, and Chrome
  • Synced notifications – no more redundant notifications like it happens now with Google Talk and Messenger. Once you read a notification, it will be gone from your other devices
  • Desktop app – browser independent
  • No Google Voice integration in the beginning – only Talk, Hangouts, and Messenger will be unified, but Voice will eventually be merged as well. No timeline on Voice integration.
  • Photos in conversations and loads of emoji – over 800 apparently
  • Group chats and one click hangouts
  • Conversation records – no more searching Gmail for old convos
  • “A first class iOS experience”

While some of these details were rumored before (or they are just common sense), this leak, if accurate, gives us some of the missing puzzle pieces.

Our Angelo Racoma laid out what Google needs to deliver with Babel in his excellent column here. Personally, I am looking forward to the syncing of notifications across devices. What do you expect from Google Babel?

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    • dannyR

      None of them are fat.

      Fat doesn’t sell articles.

    • fixxmyhead

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  • NateCress

    Regarding the leaked screenshots, the name “Babel” does not exist on them anywhere. The name “Google Talk” does.

    However, a screenshot from a Gmail notification mentioned Babel apps suggesting that “Babel” may connect with multiple apps as a multi-protocol tool. Remember that Google purchase Meebo not too long ago.

  • Jeff Weatherup

    Am I the only one that was hoping for a service that not only provided this, but also synced my text messages on my Android phone, as well? I was really hoping for an Android/Google equivalent of iMessage. I mean, these features look great, but I’m a little disappointed that there’s no Android SMS integration.